Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break - Part 1

Let's start this post with updates: first, *sigh* my hubby said that he will not take a day off. Booo... Well actually it's my mistake, I forgot that he will be working from home this friday because we want to go camping on early Friday evening. So, he meant he will not be able to take any additional day off this week...and that's actually pretty understandable.

Another update is about our camping ... bad things happened so the highway to the camp site is closed. Do not worry though, the camping is still ON =) somehow our friends managed to reserve another camping site. So instead of Big Sur, we will head for Napa this weekend. Have I told you that I've never .. ever .. been to Napa and would really love to go there? So, yippie! I'll get two birds with one stone =)

Back to the topic ... So, since I couldn't go anywhere during the weekdays, I planned to polish my cooking skill. LOL. Just joking. I meant, i planned to try new recipes. Something that I never cooked before. Like this one:

Siomay Abang2 =D
 Ahh ... for a first attempt, I must say I'm quite pleased with the result. For those who doesn't know what kind of food is that .. please refer to this link. I believe she explains it better than I do =) Anyway, turned out it was so tiring! I spent almost 3.5 hours cooking that food. Well, maybe partly because I'm slow and I'm a novice at cooking =P Oh, I need to thank my friend, D, for guiding me all day long through gtalk. I don't think I could made this without her tips and tricks.

There are still more food to cook throughout this week since I don't have anything to do. Tonight for example, i tried to make "egg in a hole." I'm still not satisfied with the result though ... and no picture since my hands were too messy to handle my phone.

Hmm.. but i do have one more picture that i would like to post:

Can you guess what that is? As a clue, this is something that i could make without failing (I think =p). Plus, my hubby loves this food. This is my remake of the famous Chinese dish, mapo tofu. I adjust the recipe into my own taste. This food is one of my favorite. It's easy, it's fast, and of course delicious =)

Ok that's all for now ... more food coming this week~!    


  1. yupss.. agree! i missed siomay..slurrpss..nyamm nyamm..