Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello November =)

Hi! I know it's been a while ... I've been very busy with school and moving ... So many things happened and i really don't know where to start. Let me begin by giving you this cute picture of our balcony:

So yeah, this is our new place and we love it! The size, the location, the serenity ... it's just perfect! =)

Looking back, our apartment hunting was not fun. It was frustrating. I was in my final weeks - well it was two or three weeks before final when we started looking intensively. So in addition to busy weekdays, i also had hectic weekends. My typical weekend was like this : Saturday morning we went apartment hunting, around 1 PM I had group meeting until around 6 PM ish ... Sunday after church, we visited 1 or 2 prospective places before my hubby drove me to King Library for another group meeting or study session. Before we decided to choose this apartment, we almost rent another apartment in North San Jose. After further consideration, we canceled our booking although that means we lost our holding / booking fee. Anyway, I'm so glad that in the end God leads us to this place =)

A few weeks after we moved, we celebrated my husband's birthday plus apartment warming with our friends. It was fun! =) It was supposed to be a surprise party, but somehow i think my husband already knew that i was planning something for him. It was kinda hard since we just moved in and there were a lot of essential things that we still miss. So i felt like i was in an undercover mission, every time my husband went to work, i was out buying stuffs for the party =P Thankfully there were some good friends who help me with cooking and preparing for the party.

The Birthday Cake

So, right now i'm in the middle of Fall semester - session B. I have two new courses, accounting and managerial decision making. We only have 1 group project from one of the new classes so it's not as busy as before. But i have a feeling that it will be busier after thanksgiving because we will have final for the remaining class from section A, the managerial research writing class. So approximately three more weeks of studying then i will have my winter break ... ah~ i can feel the holiday spirit is already there =P

PS: I think this is hilarious, I neglected this blog long enough until i forget my password LOL