Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picture Journal: Winter Break 2011 - part 3

-12/25/2012- Christmas service at GII San Jose, we had a Christmas photo session afterwards. 
First take without jacket =P
A more intimate pose 
 and then we went to Reno - Tahoe for 3 days

On the way to Tahoe
Although the weather was perfect for snow, there wasn't enough moisture in the air, so it wasn't snowing yet. The snow we saw were fake snow made by the resorts.

Arriving @ Northstar
In the bus, going to the Village @ Northstar
Unfortunately, we were too late for snowshoeing or tubing. The tickets were sold out! So we decided to go to South Lake Tahoe for some good pics.

The next day, while the others went snowboarding, me and my hubby went back to Northstar. We hoped we're not too late for snowshoeing or tubing this time. Yet again, the tickets were sold out! So we decided to wander around and enjoyed other activities that the village offered. 

Gondola ride
watching people snowboarding and skiing ... some of the fall every once in a while =P
Lunch : Grand Tostada Salad and Cheese Quesadia 
 That was my first time skating by the way. I fell a lot. Then on the last day, we visited downtown Reno for buffet @ Silver Legacy. 

Posing while the others were in line for the buffet :p
The entrance of the buffet place
The biggest little city in the world
  After holidays picture are coming~!

Picture Journal: Winter Break 2011 - part 2

More pictures  ...

-12/19/2011- Christmas dinner with my bible study group. We ate at San Pedro Bistro Square. The food was awesome. The atmosphere is perfect for couple though. Maybe next time we'll go there for date night :p
Sizzling Cornish Hen
Fillet Mignon
-12/20/2011- Happy two years anniversary! I'm so blessed to have this wonderful man as my husband. May our love grows stronger and our marriage be blessings for other =)
The happy couple =)
Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake
The rest of the week was a blur to me =P However, these are some pictures of the rest of the week. Seems like I did some cooking and they were pretty good:
Pisang Molen Wannabe=P
Siomay Nona Vero =p
We also ate out :) Holiday is the only time for my husband to enjoy this special lunch buffet @ Thai Spoon.
Thai Spoon
We also met our niece while delivering her Christmas gift.
The gift
This is her smile pose =)
So cute!
 More pictures coming! =D

Picture Journal: Winter Break 2011 - part 1

So, I found out that I'm not good with resolution. I said I would documented my holiday, but as you can see, my blog post stopped at day five =p To make amends, here are pictures from my winter break. I try to arrange them in a chronological manner. I do hope that I remember the order correctly.

So the weekend after day 5, we went to SF with a bunch of friends. Me and my husband went earlier because we wanted to visit our friend's booth in front of the Ferry Building. The others joined in lunch time. 

me and the booth
Above is the picture of the booth. She sells handmade cards and cute accessories. After long deliberations - since everything was so cute and I found it hard to pick just one - I bought two hairpins. One for me and one for my lil' sister in Indo. If you ever visited SF, please stop by at her booth =) The booth is in front of Justin Herman Plaza across the Ferry Building.    

this one is for me :)
Delish Pork Sandwich!
Besides visiting cika, I had another mission. I've been craving Roli Roti's pork sandwich for a while. Fortunately, although the line was long, the waiting time was not too bad. In a few minutes, I got the delish pork sandwich! However this time we decided not to buy their delicious potatoes because in an hour or so we would be having our lunch in Shanghai Dumpling King - a new restaurant that we've been itching to try. The dumplings were so good. I will go there again next time. Too bad I didn't take any picture :(

Later that day we went to Japan Town. We grabbed some snacks there. The famous Sophie's Crepes and Taiyaki. We wrapped the day by visiting twin peaks =) 

More pictures for that day:
My hubby and his Siri ... everytime, everywhere *rolling eyes*
Christmas atmosphere in Justin Herman Plaza 
Visiting Japan Town in the afternoon
My favorite snack from Japan Town
SF from Twin Peaks