Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

Oh~! What a busy weekend i had. Haven't been able to post the fall pictures nor any updates ... will do that soon. Meanwhile, just a quick recap, we had our civil ceremony and my hubby's surprise bday party last weekend! It was so exciting. We use korean theme for the foods. Turns out korean is yummy eh? =)

longer post about those two events later on~!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November

Finally November is here =) For me, this is one of the special months in a year. Why? Because I first met my husband face to face in November. Additionally, this is his birthday month. He will be turning 31 this year!  Thinking back, I remember how happy we were back then when we're finally able to celebrate his birthday in Jakarta for the first time together. We were not even officially a couple at that time. Well, going to be one soon =P

Anyway ... I just want to post some updates. My business law midterm was so satisfying. I got a really good score. Praise the Lord! A day after I passed my driving test, I got my California ID. Even though in our plan it was kinda late .. we've already registered our marriage in the county clerk without it ... but still I think this will make my driving license process much much faster. All is good in God's timing then =)

I got my first halloween experience yesterday. Now I know what is trick or treat =P It's kinda fun actually when little children in costume knocking your door for candy ... some of them were really cute! But I also met some grown ups and teenager last night ... I personally think they are too big to be in costume thus spoiling the cuteness of trick or treat =P

Halloween means fall is here ... and of all the seasons, I think fall is the prettiest. I remember when I was small, how amazed I was looking at fall foliage pictures. I never thought trees can change their colors. Now I've seen it with my own eyes. So amazingly beautiful. When walking around De Anza college, I often stop just for admiring those leaves which are lying in my pathway. I always want to take their pictures, but oh well ... somehow I always in a hurry from class to class and always forget to take pictures =P I'll promise to post them soon!

Happy November everyone! =)