Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Challenge


Tomorrow I'll have a midterm for my Operation and Supply Chain management class. At first I thought this will be an easy test since we are allowed to bring one page "cheat sheet" on the test. However ... turns out the materials are humongous! 10 chapters plus numerous handouts! I just finished reading those ... took me a whole two days :( Now I'm confused because I have to choose from all those information which ones are important enough to be added to my cheat sheet. This is a really hard decision ... 

I wish I could fast forward tomorrow to this weekend. Next week I'll have a really easy breezy week. I will only have two 9-5 classes on Wednesday and Saturday. My husband actually re-scheduled our SF trip (we're going to the embassy but since we're already there ... why don't we enjoy the city?) to this coming Thursday.

Man ... i need a lot of prayer for this midterm... 


Friday, March 16, 2012

Thanks God It's Friday!

Woot woot .. friday is here!

Well, next week I'll have a big midterm covering 10+ chapters from our Operation and Supply Chain Management class... so maybe I'll spend this weekend studying. But still.. weekend is always good right? At least you have a change of feeling and there is also the excitement =) Me and my hubby actually have a lot to do this weekend. Not sure how I can manage to squeeze study time in between those activities. First of all I think we need to go to the Indonesian Embassy at SF to renew my hubby's passport. I also need to register myself there ... Before going to the embassy, we need to make a passport picture in Costco. Then we also need to return my sauce pan to Ikea... It's been more than a month since our last trip to Ikea. It's a good thing that they have a long return policy. Somewhere around 3 months if i'm not mistaken. I always enjoy going to Ikea. Anyway, all those places are relatively far from where we live right now. A trip to those places could easily take a day.

The pressure of this MBA program has been increasing steadily lately. First of all, we have more classes this semester. In total we have 7 classes. I'm done with 3 of them, so ... 4 more left. But one of those class spans to Summer semester. I'm so thankful to God, up until now, although it has been a really crazy journey, I'm still able to maintain a decent GPA. I also learned a lot... I thought I know a lot of things before, but now I realized that I didn't and there are still a lot to learn. I'm so grateful for this chance that God has given me. I know it is a privilege to be able to pursue a Master degree. Whenever I feel tired or desperate, those two thoughts encourage, sustain, and even strengthened me.

More pressure comes from job-searching. Since I will be graduating this August, as an international student it is better if I have a job already before I graduate because I need to plan ahead with all the paper works. I'm so anxious right now, because everyone tells me that it will be really hard to find a job in marketing or business if you're an international. I realized that my conversational English is not as good as my written I need to work hard on improving that. Especially since almost all job openings in Business asks for a good verbal and written English. In addition, I'm also not familiar with the U.S. hiring procedure, which is so different from what we have in Indonesia. Even the resume is different with our Indonesian CV. You know thinking about all this, sometimes I feel like I just want to fast forward to this summer. Of course provided that i already have a job =P Yeah ... as usual ... I will just do my best and let my God take care of the rest =)  

Anyway, it's Friday! Let's forget all that. Let's concentrate on the fact that we actually have a date night tonight at the Counter Burger at Santana Row. I'm looking forward to spend a stress-free evening with my hubby =D

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pit stop!

I'm making a quick stop today from all of my daily MBA stuffs =P This week is not that bad actually, considering the past few months. I only have two finance quizzes and one write-up deadline. I know ... even on my not-so-busy week, something is due *rolling eyes*

Anyway, after a rather disappointing morning, I decided to have some fun ... again ... with picnic. So these are my prewedding pictures with one of the photography vendor. I had an awesome experience during my prewedding photo shoot with them. However, they disappoint me with their unprofessional attitude on my wedding day. Not to mention my frustration - after the wedding - chasing them from time to time in order to get my wedding albums done.        

These shots were taken at a small cafe in Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here's another one ...

I love the big red window :) They have a pretty good food too there. I don't remember what I had though... In addition, the cafe itself has a rather unique atmosphere and architecture style. I'm not sure if it is clearly shown in the first picture; the chandelier is made out of spoons and forks =D 

Anyway ... enough pit stop for me. My finance calculator is waiting patiently to be used =P LOL 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playing with picnik

As usual, I've been very busy lately =D However, I found a new toy to play with during my study break. One of my friend K, used this tools for her latest Europe trip picture. It looked so cool. So I gave it a try ...

This was my first trial. I super like all the cute stickers that they have. When I did this photo collage, I noticed that they also let us use their premium design. So I used the premium design in my next trial ...

 Not bad huh? So here's more ...

I kinda like the first one better =p This one looks too crowded. My husband liked this one though, he thought it was cool. 

Do you like the photo collage? =) You can go to to make your own. You better hurry because they will close their website on April 19th (not so sure about the date..need to check in the website). I really hope I have enough time to do collage for my prewedding and wedding pictures ... 

Anyway, here is the last one for today ... i need to go back to my finance book LOL  

PS: click to enlarge the picture ... it looks ten times better! =P