Monday, December 6, 2010

A weird night ..

Next week is my final week. I'm sooo stressed out. Seems like there are endless things to memorize and understand in order to passed the final test. I even don't know where to start ... business law? accounting? mandarin?

On Tuesday, my accounting team supposed to collect all our assigned team homework, but 2 of our members went missing. Fortunately, one appeared 30 mins after the class started. The other one was still missing up until now. We tried to email her, but there was no reply. So last tuesday, we were forced to divide up her share of homework. I got 2 exercises to do. And I still haven't done the summary for extra credit points in mandarin...

So, in my panic mode, i asked my husband if it's okay for me to miss my BS meeting this wednesday ... So instead i can spend the whole day lurking in barnes / borders near his office and study. I like to study there because there's usually no distraction - aka facebook - so i'm forced to focus on my studying and it's warm there. He definetely agreed with me. He even added, "off course, final is your primary concern." I feel bad though for missing the BS meeting. Especially because when i told my group leader, she insisted that i should come even though just for a while, and she would adjusted the meeting with my limited time frame.

Despite the uneasiness, yesterday i still went with him to his office. Spent half day at borders, had lunch, and then moved to barnes. He mentioned that He would have a meeting at 5, so i might have to wait longer at barnes. Besides, he said, you need more time to study. I was actually prefer to go home early ... but a meeting is a meeting, so I relented, he can have his meeting first.

By 5.30 something i guess, he called me and asked where I am. He said he was inside barnes already. This was so unusual - the first weird thing of the night. He usually just picks me up in front of barnes and drives home. Then he told me that his sister wants him to get food from one of our BS' members house. What a coincidence! I'm skipping BS and now his sister wants us to go to the BS meeting place? He showed me the message in his cellphone, and asked me to call my BS friend to get the address. I refused. I thought it would be better if He called her instead, pretended that I was not there with him. I felt really bad already at that time.

More bad news, my BS friend told him to go there no sooner than 7.30. Isn't it when we usually start our BS meeting? So there was a huge probability that we would bumped into one of my BS members in the parking lot. I was anxious, but seemed like i had no other option. My hubby offered to drive me to the Korean market nearby my friend's house because we're still too early. What a coincidence, i liked that place and i was wanting to go there but didn't have the opportunity yet. And then ... more weird thing happened. I felt like my husband was too nice that night =P Hey, don't get me wrong. He is usually nice, but that time .. it was much much nicer. As the saying goes, in general, if something is too good to be true then it's not true =P

So, in the back of my mind, there was some suspicion already. But i didn't have any idea what was the plan. When we arrived at the parking lot, what a coincidence (again) that I saw one of my BS members. I believed she saw me too. So i grumbled to my husband. Now, everyone would know that I was there with my husband but I didn't drop in to say hi. How am I supposed to drop in and say hi when I plan to skip the meeting? it was kinda awkward right? Everthing is soooo wrong that night.

My hubby offered me to wait in the car while he got the package. After a while, i saw two figures walking in the parking lot, my hubby and one of my bs friend. I sensed a trap =P Somehow i suddenly remembered a weird phone call from one of the bs members to my hubby not so long ago. She asked if i was there, and my honest hubby said I was there with him side by side. She hung up. Hmmm... are they planning something tonight?

Turned out, yes they were ... a celebration party for our civil marriage.

I was stunned. I never thought that they would make a celebration for our civil marriage. Oh, and i love the decoration. They did such a great job! All the colors there are my favorite color. Someone in the BS group is soo attentive... in such a limited time she already know roughly what i like and what i don't like. Amazing. I never thought someone could be that caring. Well actually, i never known a BS group to be that caring =)

One final surprise that night :

I got scrapbook materials from them! They know that I was wanting to buy some and start my first year marriage album project.

Thank you sisters~!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

Oh~! What a busy weekend i had. Haven't been able to post the fall pictures nor any updates ... will do that soon. Meanwhile, just a quick recap, we had our civil ceremony and my hubby's surprise bday party last weekend! It was so exciting. We use korean theme for the foods. Turns out korean is yummy eh? =)

longer post about those two events later on~!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November

Finally November is here =) For me, this is one of the special months in a year. Why? Because I first met my husband face to face in November. Additionally, this is his birthday month. He will be turning 31 this year!  Thinking back, I remember how happy we were back then when we're finally able to celebrate his birthday in Jakarta for the first time together. We were not even officially a couple at that time. Well, going to be one soon =P

Anyway ... I just want to post some updates. My business law midterm was so satisfying. I got a really good score. Praise the Lord! A day after I passed my driving test, I got my California ID. Even though in our plan it was kinda late .. we've already registered our marriage in the county clerk without it ... but still I think this will make my driving license process much much faster. All is good in God's timing then =)

I got my first halloween experience yesterday. Now I know what is trick or treat =P It's kinda fun actually when little children in costume knocking your door for candy ... some of them were really cute! But I also met some grown ups and teenager last night ... I personally think they are too big to be in costume thus spoiling the cuteness of trick or treat =P

Halloween means fall is here ... and of all the seasons, I think fall is the prettiest. I remember when I was small, how amazed I was looking at fall foliage pictures. I never thought trees can change their colors. Now I've seen it with my own eyes. So amazingly beautiful. When walking around De Anza college, I often stop just for admiring those leaves which are lying in my pathway. I always want to take their pictures, but oh well ... somehow I always in a hurry from class to class and always forget to take pictures =P I'll promise to post them soon!

Happy November everyone! =)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Midterm Week

As a human, I often forget how much blessings I've been given ... I often complain for things that I didn't have or didn't able to do. I was really sad at the beginning of this week but God reminded me that I have more than enough.

Remember my midterm? Last tuesday I had the hardest midterm this quarter, the business law midterm. I think I did ok though. I hope it was ok =P By the way, my prayer was answered. It was a multiple choice question test. 111 questions. I had to memorize a lot of latin term ... learn a lot about American court system and English court system ... but thanks God it's all over now. I've done my best.

I already got my two other midterms scores though. I think I did pretty well ... thanks God =) I only lose 2 points from 200 points total in Accounting and i got 92.5 in mandarin. Now i'm waiting (anxiously) for my business law score. Hopefully all is well.

Today i got one more blessing from God ... I passed my behind the wheel driving test. I actually didn't have any expectation for this test. For a week, i asked God to give me the best result. If He thinks i can drive safely, then let me pass my test ... But if not, it means i still need to learn to drive safely. I personally think I still need practice.. but turns out God give me a passing result. Who am I to question his decision? I believe in His judgment ... and I also know that no matter how bad my driving skill is, if God said I can drive, then He will drive with me and guard me against any danger. Once again, thank you Lord!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time Flies

Seems like school has just started but time really flies. Guess what ... two weeks from now I will have my midterm. I'm kinda nervous about the midterm. I just hope all my teachers will give a multiple choice question type on the midterm because for an ESL like me, it will be much easier than an essay question. I get really scared if I remember how many cases I need to memorize for the Business Law class...not to mention all the definitions for the law terms =(

Anyway, just when I'm starting to get busy with my study, some of our friends are going to Hawaii! I'm really jealous =( They're so lucky, they get a very good vacation ticket deal. But still .. according to my husband if we join the trip, we might end up spending more than $1000! That's such a big amount of money for us.

I guess, this is just not a right time for us. Even though the deal is really good. Moreover ... maybe next time there will be an even better deal. We never know right? =)  

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Is There Color?

When I was finally able to sit comfortably infront of my computer last night, I was too tired for everything except facebook games =P Well, after spending almost 10 hours studying inside and outside class room, I was afraid my brain could explode due to overheat and overwork so I tried to make them relax with those games... anyway, during school days I'm usually too tired to do anything at night. Not just that, due to the morning rush, I usually forget to do devotion =(

BUT, last night somehow I had the desire to read bible and did quick devotion. I try not to miss daily devotion although I still can't devote a special time in my day for it. So back to last night... Even though I was almost ready to sleep, somehow God gave me the energy to asked my husband to hand me my bible. At first I didn't put much attention to the title of the article, which is "Why There Is Color?" and the first three paraghraphs that described the process of how tree leaf can turn yellowish during fall season, until my eyes stumped to this paragraph :

"But why do we have color? It seems to serve no practical purpose-at least none that scientist can discern. And why are there photo receptors in our eyes that enable us to see it?

I believe that God's goodness is the point of His creation. He is "good to all, and his tender mercies are over all His works" (Ps. 145:9). He colored the world for our childlike delight. He's like that, you know." - David Roper (credit to Our Daily Bread)

Somehow I was touched when I read that paragraph. It is true indeed. God is sooo good. He even put attention to this little detail that He knows would delight us. Isn't it right that sometimes even adults have some childlike delight? Well, I don't know about you, but for sure I do.

Wow, His love amazed me day by day. The span of His love and His care to our life is so incredible ... I can't think of a human who can love somebody as our God love us. Oh, and I don't think I can love God enough to thank Him for His love...

"teach me God, as I live my day, to love you more and more .... "

Beautiful isn't it? =)


Monday, October 11, 2010

TB Test Result

When I woke up in the morning last Thursday, the first thing I did was checked my hand. To my utmost horror ...

It had became that big!

Gosh ... the final result from the nurse was positive with 14 mm bump. So whether I want it or not, I need to go and get a chest X-ray =(

PS : Btw, have I told you that this bump will stay for months? =( Oh, and it is starting to itch too ... =(

UPDATES: The bump disappeared after a month or so. There is no scar whatsoever on my hand. I heard that a lot of people who were born in Asia usually get a positive result. It is because they had TB Vaccination while they were little. Anyway, I did get my chest X-ray. There is nothing to worry, everything is good =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TB Test update

This is what it looks like after 36 hours :

I really hope it could stay like this until tomorrow because I think this means I'm negative.

*crossing my finger*

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TB Test

One of the things that I hate the most in life is shot / injection. I think, I have a phobia for needle =P This phobia started a long time ago, back in my early childhood. I got typhoid or abdominal fever when I was three or four... and back then, their healing method was still traditional. They had to monitor the virus inside of me daily. So they took my blood every other day. This lasted for almost a month. Can you imagine the horror of this? Especially for a three or four-year old girl? Ever since that incident, needle has become my big enemy.

Before I went to U.S. last year, I was forced to get an MMR shot. Oh, it was so scary. I remember I couldn't feel my knees soon after they gave me the shot. My knees became limp in such a short time! Anyway, after that injection the doctor gave me a note, like a proof for the injection. Through my agent, I sent that doctor's note to Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. When I transferred to De Anza College, TAMUCC didn't forward that doctor's note. Somehow they missed that one particular document. I tried to contact them, asking for the document, but they ping pong me to different offices and divisions. I got tired and decided to use another way. I asked my Mom to contact the doctor, but somehow the doctor said he also missed my record! Gosh ... seems like there is no other way for me beside to repeat the injection.

So here i am, confronting my biggest fear.

This morning when I arrived at De Anza, I could feel my knee started to waver *haha* but I kept on walking straight to the health department. Turned out they had a registration tent outside the building. I registered for the TB testing (other than the MMR shot, they also require me to take the TB testing. I have to get the TB testing first before MMR because MMR can affect TB testing's outcome). After briefly answering questions in the registration paper, someone checked me in and sent me to the nurse's ward. Inside, there were 5 to 6 nurses, all ready with their needle. All of them greeted me cheerfully. After a short unspoken discussion (well, all of them was just staring at each other), one nurse in the back corner, named Nicole, waved and asked me to sit next to her.

Sitting uncomfortably there, I opened my jacket and bared my naked arm into the table. However, before I did that, I told Nicole that I was there for a TB testing, I've never had any TB testing before in my life, I've never been X-rayed, and I didn't have any shot in the last four weeks period. Additionally, I told her that I got an MMR shot last year (I know it's not important but I just want her to know =P). Oh, most importantly, I told her I'm afraid of needle! *hahaha*

She said I don't have to worry, the injection will just be skin deep. She didn't know that it still means the same for me. An injection is an injection.  Anyway, She said I could look at her, if it could calm me down, or just look at the exit sign. She also said that she will not surprise me, right before she poked the needle she will let me know. She asked me not to move when she did that, because it would hurt both of us. Basically all her instruction were not helping, I was still as anxious as ever. But I bore in mind that I couldn't move. It will be fatal (for me). Besides, I don't want to repeat the TB testing =P

And .... it was done. It was kinda fast actually =P After that, I looked at my left arm closely and there was a little red bump as if it was just got bitten by bug. However, before long it started to drip blood. So the nurse gave me cotton to dab the blood. She said it's okay to wipe the blood gently but I should not push it too hard.

An hour later ... it looked uglier. Somehow, I noticed that it had turned bluish. Moreover, the bump was no longer there. I thought this was good, maybe the result could be negative since I didn't have any bump. But just now I met some friends, and one of them said it might be the contrary. It shouldn't normally turned bluish like mine ... so I might ended up with positive result =( Oh, and they said it might become a bigger bump than before tomorrow =(

i just hope that it won't be a scar =(

Btw, this is what it looks like now :


Monday, October 4, 2010

Today's Daily Bread - 09/04/2010

I want to open this blog with my today's devotion taken from Our Daily Bread. The title is "Keeping busy?"

"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:25-30

You know, lately I often wonder why sleep can no longer restore my energy. I often wake up and still feel exhausted. Is it because of the mattress? Hmm ... or is it because I only try to restore my physical energy but not my spiritual energy?

That's why I'm struggling to make daily devotion a habit again in my life. Like a lifeless branch that is not connected to the tree, I think my energy isn't restored because I'm not connected to God. I used to have a habit of doing daily devotion back in Indonesia, but somehow once I got married, I've became very busy with my life. I forgot to reserve a special time to communicate and grow with God.

Hopefully from today onward, I could make daily devotion a habit again in my life .... and my family's life =)