Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 4&5: Winter Break 2011

Last Thursday, as I wrote in earlier posting, our plan for the day was to send off Keti and Ricad to SFO. However, we didn't plan to meet them at the airport, we're supposed to pick them up and help them with their baggage. Since they lived in Milpitas, my husband - who is currently working for a client in Milpitas - told me to go with him so that he didn't need to go back and forth. While he worked, I could enjoy myself in Milpitas library. So, that was what I did the whole noon from 2 p.m. to around 6 p.m.   

Often, people ask me how I can survive all day reading in the library. Hmmm, that's an easy one. I enjoy reading book a lot. It's a treat for me. When I was in Indo, I used to spend my money borrowing books from book rental. Although I think most private schools have library in Indo, I have never heard about their public library. Now in the US, I don't have to spend a dime! Can you imagine how happy I was when I first visited a library in the US? Not to mention that most of them have extensive book collections!

Anyway, I've been to several libraries in the US, but I think this one is the most beautiful and modern one. I like the architecture. It is so unique. If I just accidentally passing by, I don't think I could recognized this building as a library. 

Unlike San Jose city libraries, this library opens until 9 p.m. on Thursday. Cool! This is the picture of the entrance:

The interior is as beautiful as its exterior. This library is now the first on my favorite libraries in Bay Area. The runner-up is the library near Castro street, Mountain View. That library has a very sunny and relaxing quiet study room =) Anyway, after browsing for books to read, I settled down in this cozy lounge. This lounge was actually in the children area =P 

The next day, I finally went out and shopped. I didn't get my coffee / tea press tho'. I got a muffin pan and this cute thing:

Basically this is a plate where you can put your ladle or spatula while cooking. They have a stainless steel one, but somehow this cute one won my attention. 

Later, I also visited Trader Joe's and bought some organic chicken. There is a story behind this. When I ate chicken in the US, I somehow noted that they had this distinct smell. They smell awfully like chicken. I know this wasn't a good explanation but anyway, after watching "Food Inc." I came up with this hypothesis: Most chicken meat in the US are not fresh. They might have died a few month ago and was kept in the freezer. So ... maybe that's why they had that awful smell. I consulted one of my friend, and she mentioned about organic chicken, how they were treated differently and maybe also processed differently too. So I decided to try. They're so expensive! They better be good =P

At night, we had some friends visiting for dinner. I cooked Kari Ayam while one of our friends brought his Sop Merah. I think that was the first time I tasted sop merah. Not bad. Too sweet for my palate but I like the heartiness of the soup. 

So there goes my two days ... =( I want time to slow down a little bit ... i desperately need more holiday =P

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 3: Winter Break 2011

Hmm.. today I don't know what to do, so I just stay home. I'm thinking of buying a tea jug ... well its actually a coffee press like this one here: 

I've been wanting to buy this thing ever since we moved in to our new place. Moreover, i just got these dried tea leaves from my friend. They smell so good... I can hardly wait to taste them. 

So I guess I'll wait for my hubby to come home and then we can go buy the tea press or coffee press. Hmm.. I might need to ask him to go home early since we are going to send off our friends at SFO tonight. We will also send off our other friends tomorrow night. This year's Christmas will not be as fun as last year =(    

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 1&2 : Winter Break 2011

When I studied for my gruesome finals last week, every time I felt that I couldn't focus anymore, I thought about what I would do during the winter break. One thing that I wanted to do was to update this blog =P I also thought about how breaks seem to end so fast. Sometimes when the break ended, I wondered what I've been doing during the break. So this time, I thought it would be a great idea to write a journal during this winter break. In the next 8 months, whenever I'm struggling with my MBA program, at least I could look back and assure myself that I already did my best to enjoy my break.

However, when the break is finally here, I feel reluctant to write as usual =P That's why I missed recording the first day. 

Anyway, this was what I did yesterday: cooking for my friend Keti who will leave California this coming Thursday. She is a very nice person ... and I will miss her a lot. However, I believe this decision is the best decision for both of keti and her husband, ricad ... and I wish them success in their future endeavors. Since she has been such a good friend, I really want to do something for her. To make long story short, yesterday I cooked my mapo tofu and invited both of them, plus our other good friend and her husband, to eat dinner at my new place. Ah ... the beauty of having your own place =) I really enjoyed the fellowship and I honestly felt sad because just when I have the luxury of having my own place, one of them is already leaving. No more fun couple dinner =( 

What's left of my mapo tofu =)

As for today.. I have another gathering with a different circle of friends. We're having our first round of annual crab party! I'm so excited =) Since I'm on holiday, this time I can help them with the preparation. I'm so bad with memorizing recipe but I hope I can learn how to cook crab by helping them =P 

Update: So we made two recipes, crab in oyster sauce and garlic butter crab. 
Prepping the garlic butter crab

The final looks of our Crab in Oyster Sauce
I ate a lot that night! No more crab for the remaining winter break LOL

One of the thing that I also planned to do during the winter break is to study my marketing book ... however, I think I still have enough time to do that =P Fun things first, serious stuffs later *hahaha* 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello November =)

Hi! I know it's been a while ... I've been very busy with school and moving ... So many things happened and i really don't know where to start. Let me begin by giving you this cute picture of our balcony:

So yeah, this is our new place and we love it! The size, the location, the serenity ... it's just perfect! =)

Looking back, our apartment hunting was not fun. It was frustrating. I was in my final weeks - well it was two or three weeks before final when we started looking intensively. So in addition to busy weekdays, i also had hectic weekends. My typical weekend was like this : Saturday morning we went apartment hunting, around 1 PM I had group meeting until around 6 PM ish ... Sunday after church, we visited 1 or 2 prospective places before my hubby drove me to King Library for another group meeting or study session. Before we decided to choose this apartment, we almost rent another apartment in North San Jose. After further consideration, we canceled our booking although that means we lost our holding / booking fee. Anyway, I'm so glad that in the end God leads us to this place =)

A few weeks after we moved, we celebrated my husband's birthday plus apartment warming with our friends. It was fun! =) It was supposed to be a surprise party, but somehow i think my husband already knew that i was planning something for him. It was kinda hard since we just moved in and there were a lot of essential things that we still miss. So i felt like i was in an undercover mission, every time my husband went to work, i was out buying stuffs for the party =P Thankfully there were some good friends who help me with cooking and preparing for the party.

The Birthday Cake

So, right now i'm in the middle of Fall semester - session B. I have two new courses, accounting and managerial decision making. We only have 1 group project from one of the new classes so it's not as busy as before. But i have a feeling that it will be busier after thanksgiving because we will have final for the remaining class from section A, the managerial research writing class. So approximately three more weeks of studying then i will have my winter break ... ah~ i can feel the holiday spirit is already there =P

PS: I think this is hilarious, I neglected this blog long enough until i forget my password LOL

Sunday, August 21, 2011

MBA One Experience

Gosh, I've been super busy lately. A lot of life changing events happened this month. Unpredictable... yes. Hard... yes. Meaningless? No. I just want to take all this as an opportunity to learn and to grow.

Anyway, my MBA One has started last week. This means I'll be even busier throughout this year. Basically until the program ends August next year, I'll have no "me time." Vacations and all sort of fun stuffs must be postponed because this program will be my first priority. I know this will be really really hard... especially when your friends are planning to go to interesting places that you really want to visit... Tough luck, I need to postponed those travel plan for a year then.  

I will only hope that I could do the best I can do. I want to put as much effort as i can into the program because I'm hoping to get as much as I can from this one year experience. Easier said than done *haha* =P I have two chapters to read for tomorrow in-class discussion and here i am updating this blog. Gotta stop real soon and start reading those chapters!         


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Short Update

Hi.. I've been really busy lately. My life was in such a frenzy ever since the beginning of spring quarter. I made a mistake by choosing an ECON class taught by a Stanford Professor. Also by squeezing two ECON classes in one quarter. I thought since I've taken it before during my undergraduate study, it will be easy for me. Turns out many things have changed in world economy ... and now I'm learning ECON from America's point of view so in a way it is really different!

Anyway, so here I am, trying to cope with endless exams and quizzes...

Just two days ago in the midst of all this frenzy i received a good news. Last night I got another convincing email but I'm still waiting for the formal letter. Hopefully this is another miracle that I've been waiting for =) 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break - part II

A long due post about my cooking attempts during Spring Break.

This is the ingredient for "Quail soup" ... I got the idea from here. Since I didn't have chicken ready at that time (and to lazy to buy one =P), I substituted it with squid balls and meat balls! LOL That's something that I always have ready in my refrigerator.

I shaped the carrots like little flower. Eniwei, my substitution decision turned out to be a disaster. I forgot my husband doesn't even like the smell of squid balls. He complained that the soup tasted fishy =( Well for me, this was still a good soup, but I might be biased since I like all kind of soupy dishes. Next time, i will stay true to the original recipe and use chicken. I want to know the original taste. Oh, i forgot to take the finished picture =P

The second recipe here, come from a very talented little chef which happens to be our friend =)

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus 
  • asparagus (2 stalks for 1 person) - (not too thick and not too thin)
  • bacon
  • kosher salt and black pepper
  • olive oil
  • Wash asparagus and dry with paper towel, cut the ends off.
  • Cut each asparagus in half
  • Sprinkle the asparagus with kosher salt, black pepper and drizzle with olive oil (don't put too much salt as bacon is salty)
  • Wrap two halves of asparagus (one whole stalk) with bacon, cut the bacon in half if it's too long, seam side down
  • Refrigerate until you're ready to fry it.
  • Drizzle the pan with olive oil and heat it over medium-high heat, put the bacon-wrapped asparagus, seam side down on the hot pan in one layer.
  • Don't move it around so get you get a nice caramelization and brown color. Turn it over once you get a nice color (only turn it once)
  • Transfer it to a paper towel-lined plate, cover with  al foil to keep it warm
these are pictures of my failed attempt LOL i somehow couldn't make them stay wrapped. The taste was still good though! =)

The wrapped asparagus drizzled with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper
Frying the asparagus
I honestly tried my best not to move them in the pan but still they unwrapped themselves to my disappointment =(

Only 5 out of so many, survived the pan battle =P
 That's all i tried to make during Spring Break. Most of them were tasty =) ... although they didn't look that good *hehe* Will try some recipe again if i have the time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I just got back from my first U.S. camping trip. This trip is the highlight of my 2011 Spring Break. Happy? Yes. Tired? Of course! What i really really want to do right now is sleep...

Well, but first i need to look up for my schedule online and copy it. Or else I'll be clueless tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day of the new quarter in De Anza. It is also the rush week for bookstore. In addition to two classes, i'll have a long shift tomorrow up until 10 PM...gosh ...I'll be super tired.

But you know what ... when i look up for my schedule, right below the link there was this check my grades link. I checked this link several times last week but nothing was there. Somehow i was swept by intense curiosity at that time and i clicked it. Surprise~! The winter quarter grades were available!!

And God ... amazed me once again just now. That's why despite I'm feeling so tired right now, i feel the urge to write this down right away. I really don't want to forget the feeling. Thank you God for the very good grades! I feel like i'm not deserved to get all that grades...but who am I to judge? Thank you Lord! I know this is purely a blessing from you and not my own work. Please help me to be humble and never boast about this.

Gosh ... i feel like i'm going to burst because of gratefulness =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break - Part 1

Let's start this post with updates: first, *sigh* my hubby said that he will not take a day off. Booo... Well actually it's my mistake, I forgot that he will be working from home this friday because we want to go camping on early Friday evening. So, he meant he will not be able to take any additional day off this week...and that's actually pretty understandable.

Another update is about our camping ... bad things happened so the highway to the camp site is closed. Do not worry though, the camping is still ON =) somehow our friends managed to reserve another camping site. So instead of Big Sur, we will head for Napa this weekend. Have I told you that I've never .. ever .. been to Napa and would really love to go there? So, yippie! I'll get two birds with one stone =)

Back to the topic ... So, since I couldn't go anywhere during the weekdays, I planned to polish my cooking skill. LOL. Just joking. I meant, i planned to try new recipes. Something that I never cooked before. Like this one:

Siomay Abang2 =D
 Ahh ... for a first attempt, I must say I'm quite pleased with the result. For those who doesn't know what kind of food is that .. please refer to this link. I believe she explains it better than I do =) Anyway, turned out it was so tiring! I spent almost 3.5 hours cooking that food. Well, maybe partly because I'm slow and I'm a novice at cooking =P Oh, I need to thank my friend, D, for guiding me all day long through gtalk. I don't think I could made this without her tips and tricks.

There are still more food to cook throughout this week since I don't have anything to do. Tonight for example, i tried to make "egg in a hole." I'm still not satisfied with the result though ... and no picture since my hands were too messy to handle my phone.

Hmm.. but i do have one more picture that i would like to post:

Can you guess what that is? As a clue, this is something that i could make without failing (I think =p). Plus, my hubby loves this food. This is my remake of the famous Chinese dish, mapo tofu. I adjust the recipe into my own taste. This food is one of my favorite. It's easy, it's fast, and of course delicious =)

Ok that's all for now ... more food coming this week~!    

Friday, March 25, 2011


Yeah .. i finished my last final just now! So excited for spring break. For sure we'll be camping in Big Sur next weekend. Also, we'll be experiencing Hooters this Saturday. On weekdays however ... i still need to beg my hubby to take day off so he can accompanies me to Napa or Sausalito or Golden gate park =) There's a big chance i might succeed though *winning smile*

ah ... life is sooooo good! =)

PS: another good sign that this spring break will be awesome: for weeks we've been worrying about camping in rainy weather, but the weather forecast bode that it will be sunny from april 1 to 3! woohoo! Let's just hope the forecast is right =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Something Old and Something New

Last week, although i really really want to try hooters, we ended up having dinner at BBQ Kalbi truck. That day the korean taco truck was parking at some intersection in Mountain View. We decided to try the Kalbi (Beef) Burrito and Daejee (Spicy Pork) Burrito. My hubby loves his Daejee burrito. I love their sauces especially the sweet wasabi. The overall eating experience was not that enjoyable though. Somehow that night was cold and very windy. There was no line too. So at a time, we were the only customers eating there.

Anyway, we found out that the intersection where BBQ Kalbi parked was so close to the famous Castro Road. Incidentally, my hubby has been wanting to go to the used book store there. He didn't find the book that he wants, but ...  i found an old friend =) I found the complete edition of EA's Sims fully loaded with all its expansion packs! I played this game since i was in high school up until college. It's actually one of my siblings' favorite game. So that's how i spent my weekend ... trying to regain my old skill in playing the Sims =)

This week i will also have a new experience. For the first time, I will work in the U.S. It's just a part-time job at my college though. Still, I'm excited for this new experience! I'm also a bit nervous for the possibility of having to drive alone at night after i finished my shift. I still don't have confidence in my driving skill plus i rarely drive at night. My night vision is somehow very limited. Even worse, It has been raining cats and dogs lately in San Jose. So, I tried to practice driving at night in heavy rain last weekend with my hubby. It was really bad. I could feel my car swaying because of the strong wind in the highway and the slippery road. Also, most people still drive relatively fast in that kind of weather. No wonder there were some accidents happened during the last weekend. Anyway, I really really hope, it will not rain tonight. 

I checked the weather before i went to college this morning, and the weather forecast bode that it will not rain tonight. Let's just hope that the forecast is true!      

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Hardest Final

Fiuhh ... I finally finished the hardest class for this quarter, EWRT 1A. The final was an eight paragraph in-class essay about Toni Morrison's award winning novel, Sula.

The begin with, I'm a really slow writer. So i dread in-class essays. Moreover, this is quite a long essay so i need a really strong thesis. The problem is, to get a really good thesis, you need to spend time ... to think! But of course i don't have the luxury of time in an in-class essay =(

Anyway, i passed the deadly final already =P I'm not really sure about the result ... well at least i tried my best. So I'll just leave out the rest to God =) The good thing is ... somehow i managed to finish my essay exactly in 2 hours. This has never happened before. But i do admit that maybe my thesis is not strong enough ... because i kind of hurrying myself to start writing when i did the outline. O well ... there's nothing i can do to alter it anyway. I couldn't think of any other sophisticated idea back then when the time pressure was so tangible.

I kind of relieved right now. I know i still have one more final to go either on wednesday or friday, the most important thing is I've passed the hardest final. You know when i walked out from the class after I finished, i feel like a knot in my heart starts relaxing. I even feel sleepy after all the tension! I think this class is the hardest class I've ever took so far in the U.S. I got a really difficult to please instructor. Yet even though I got registered to this class by mistake, I believe nothing is coincidence in God's plan ... and i believe He purposely put me in her class to learn something for the future.

Oh well, that's it. I think I need a break now before starting to study for the accounting final ... it is time for some fun =D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Final Week

*sigh* getting really nervous about the final week especially for my in class writing final. The teacher plan to do the in class final one week sooner than its schedule. In a way I kinda like her decision, i just want to get it over with quick .. and then focus on accounting. Anyway, the in class writing will be so difficult and there's nothing i can do to improve my bad writing skill =( So, i just hope i can do better in accounting, which is possible since i just need to put some extra effort learning all those online practice at Wiley.

so nervous ... hope everything will be alright.  

Monday, February 28, 2011

One of those weekends

This is what we normally do at weekends:

1. Food Hunting
after suffering for my bad cooking and instant food in weekdays, weekend is the right time for us to enjoy food. Usually i have certain craving for each week, so we always have destination =P When i craved for japanese ramen, we would usually go to orenchi or santouka. I personaly like orenchi better. Yet, most of the time we go to santouka instead ... maybe because it's nearer.

Santouka is one of the two food stall inside Mitsuwa department store. It is usually very crowded during lunch and dinner hours. It closed at 7 PM though, so it's an early dinner ...

This is what santouka looks like

one of their set menu

My regular bowl : shoyu broth
You better come early if you want to eat at santouka though, the line is quite long. I think we waited for around 30 mins that time before we could enjoy our ramen.

2. Enjoying the Weather
We often go to Santana Row, or other nice places to hang out if the weather is nice. It's kinda fun walking in santana row, watching peole while enjoying a cup of starbucks =D

Oh, luxury cars is a normal sight in Santana Row, but look what i found out last time ...

cute eh? =)

Well, that's two things that we mainly do in our weekends. Sometime we love to explore places that we've never visited before too. Well, actually my hubby has visited most of those place ... I'm the one who has never been to a lot of places here. Eniwei, i think it's still interesting for him to revisit those places with me =P

Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Updates

 Some random photo updates:

Brazillian Cheese Bread

 This is my almost failed attempt of little teochew's Easy Brazillian Cheese Bread. It smells delicious though! I made this around early December last year.

prawn in tofu skin roll?
There is a dimsum to go store near our place called Taipan Dimsum. This is where I satisfy my sudden dimsum craving =P I've never tried this prawn roll before because i usually order their famous crispy shrimp ball. It turned out to be just okay. Based on my past dimsum experiences, this kind of roll usually filled with just seasoned shrimps ... so i was surprised to find greens, radish and shrimp filling inside of taipan's prawn roll. I think seasoned shrimps is still the best filling for this kind of roll.

Pork and thousand years egg
This is also one of the regular items that i order at Taipan. Pork and phitan egg porridge. I really like this porridge. Every time i feel like eating comfort food, this is what i buy. I've been eating this twice this week =P

 My husband bought this snack at ranch 99, milpitas, last week. It was on sale for less than 2 dollar per box i think .... and it is delicious! It has just the right amount of sweetness for my tongue. Would love to buy it again next time ...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Quarter 2011

I was kinda reluctant to begin this new quarter ... a three weeks holiday was really not enough. That's why I'm so thankful to be able to visit LA and Las Vegas during the christmas holiday. At least we did something fun and memorable on the-really-short year end holiday. Anyway, so here I am, back at school.

This quarter I take three classes: Accounting 1B, Peachtree Accounting and English Writing 1A. All of the classes are interesting, but i worry for the english writing 1A. The instructor seems so fake to me. She's kind on the outside but i do really think she's just pretending to be kind. Well, hope I'm wrong... Anyway, no matter how hard I try, this time there'll be no A+ for the english class. The teacher said so in our class' first meeting. I am really hoping for an A ... but we'll see. Three out of class papers and one in class essay seems difficult, not to mention a numbers of journal to be made.

The peachtree class on the contrary is so laid back. On our first meeting, we gathered for just 20 mins in which the instructor explained her greensheet syllabus. After that, we're free to go. She even said since the textbook in the bookstore is much more expensive than the one in amazon, we could take our time and order the textbook online. We might not be able to hold our class anyway for the first two weeks of the quarter since the computers in the lab is not ready yet! Anyway she said we could start working from home and only come to class if we have question for her. To my surprise, she really meant all that. Yesterday on the second meeting, the class lasted only for 5 mins. She just asked if we have a question for her and explained once more that the lab's computer wasn't ready yet. After that, we were promptly dismissed.

The Accounting class is the only one that's not bad although I get a professor who give lecture in rhythm as if she is singing. She's really kind and I can see that she's trying all her best to make us understand and comfortable with her class. She is also appreciative. I heard that from all the accounting class i am about to take, the accounting 1B is the hardest one. So i guess it's a good thing i get her as my instructor.

Instead of two days a week, now I'm in school for four days a week. In a way, it's kinda tiring because I have to wake up early every morning and I don't have a "preparation" day anymore. Yet, it feels nice to come home early =)

So ... I guess I have to put on the hard work mode again ... hope this quarter's results will be as satisfying as the fall quarter's.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Happy new year everyone~!

How's ur holiday? Mine is too short =P I'm so not ready to start school again, so does my husband ( work in his case instead of class). I notice that everyone else is posting new year resolution in their blogs. Me? Hmm.. somehow i find it so hard to make a resolution this year.

So, instead ... let me post these two beautiful verses that we got from our church's service last sunday.

Mine: "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men" - Colossians 3:23

My hubby's: "I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work" - John 9:4

My verse brought inspiration for me to start this new year =) I dunno about my husband, but i think he might got a sort of direction in this new year too from his verse... what a way to start an awesome year!