Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 4&5: Winter Break 2011

Last Thursday, as I wrote in earlier posting, our plan for the day was to send off Keti and Ricad to SFO. However, we didn't plan to meet them at the airport, we're supposed to pick them up and help them with their baggage. Since they lived in Milpitas, my husband - who is currently working for a client in Milpitas - told me to go with him so that he didn't need to go back and forth. While he worked, I could enjoy myself in Milpitas library. So, that was what I did the whole noon from 2 p.m. to around 6 p.m.   

Often, people ask me how I can survive all day reading in the library. Hmmm, that's an easy one. I enjoy reading book a lot. It's a treat for me. When I was in Indo, I used to spend my money borrowing books from book rental. Although I think most private schools have library in Indo, I have never heard about their public library. Now in the US, I don't have to spend a dime! Can you imagine how happy I was when I first visited a library in the US? Not to mention that most of them have extensive book collections!

Anyway, I've been to several libraries in the US, but I think this one is the most beautiful and modern one. I like the architecture. It is so unique. If I just accidentally passing by, I don't think I could recognized this building as a library. 

Unlike San Jose city libraries, this library opens until 9 p.m. on Thursday. Cool! This is the picture of the entrance:

The interior is as beautiful as its exterior. This library is now the first on my favorite libraries in Bay Area. The runner-up is the library near Castro street, Mountain View. That library has a very sunny and relaxing quiet study room =) Anyway, after browsing for books to read, I settled down in this cozy lounge. This lounge was actually in the children area =P 

The next day, I finally went out and shopped. I didn't get my coffee / tea press tho'. I got a muffin pan and this cute thing:

Basically this is a plate where you can put your ladle or spatula while cooking. They have a stainless steel one, but somehow this cute one won my attention. 

Later, I also visited Trader Joe's and bought some organic chicken. There is a story behind this. When I ate chicken in the US, I somehow noted that they had this distinct smell. They smell awfully like chicken. I know this wasn't a good explanation but anyway, after watching "Food Inc." I came up with this hypothesis: Most chicken meat in the US are not fresh. They might have died a few month ago and was kept in the freezer. So ... maybe that's why they had that awful smell. I consulted one of my friend, and she mentioned about organic chicken, how they were treated differently and maybe also processed differently too. So I decided to try. They're so expensive! They better be good =P

At night, we had some friends visiting for dinner. I cooked Kari Ayam while one of our friends brought his Sop Merah. I think that was the first time I tasted sop merah. Not bad. Too sweet for my palate but I like the heartiness of the soup. 

So there goes my two days ... =( I want time to slow down a little bit ... i desperately need more holiday =P

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 3: Winter Break 2011

Hmm.. today I don't know what to do, so I just stay home. I'm thinking of buying a tea jug ... well its actually a coffee press like this one here: 

I've been wanting to buy this thing ever since we moved in to our new place. Moreover, i just got these dried tea leaves from my friend. They smell so good... I can hardly wait to taste them. 

So I guess I'll wait for my hubby to come home and then we can go buy the tea press or coffee press. Hmm.. I might need to ask him to go home early since we are going to send off our friends at SFO tonight. We will also send off our other friends tomorrow night. This year's Christmas will not be as fun as last year =(    

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 1&2 : Winter Break 2011

When I studied for my gruesome finals last week, every time I felt that I couldn't focus anymore, I thought about what I would do during the winter break. One thing that I wanted to do was to update this blog =P I also thought about how breaks seem to end so fast. Sometimes when the break ended, I wondered what I've been doing during the break. So this time, I thought it would be a great idea to write a journal during this winter break. In the next 8 months, whenever I'm struggling with my MBA program, at least I could look back and assure myself that I already did my best to enjoy my break.

However, when the break is finally here, I feel reluctant to write as usual =P That's why I missed recording the first day. 

Anyway, this was what I did yesterday: cooking for my friend Keti who will leave California this coming Thursday. She is a very nice person ... and I will miss her a lot. However, I believe this decision is the best decision for both of keti and her husband, ricad ... and I wish them success in their future endeavors. Since she has been such a good friend, I really want to do something for her. To make long story short, yesterday I cooked my mapo tofu and invited both of them, plus our other good friend and her husband, to eat dinner at my new place. Ah ... the beauty of having your own place =) I really enjoyed the fellowship and I honestly felt sad because just when I have the luxury of having my own place, one of them is already leaving. No more fun couple dinner =( 

What's left of my mapo tofu =)

As for today.. I have another gathering with a different circle of friends. We're having our first round of annual crab party! I'm so excited =) Since I'm on holiday, this time I can help them with the preparation. I'm so bad with memorizing recipe but I hope I can learn how to cook crab by helping them =P 

Update: So we made two recipes, crab in oyster sauce and garlic butter crab. 
Prepping the garlic butter crab

The final looks of our Crab in Oyster Sauce
I ate a lot that night! No more crab for the remaining winter break LOL

One of the thing that I also planned to do during the winter break is to study my marketing book ... however, I think I still have enough time to do that =P Fun things first, serious stuffs later *hahaha*