Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November

Finally November is here =) For me, this is one of the special months in a year. Why? Because I first met my husband face to face in November. Additionally, this is his birthday month. He will be turning 31 this year!  Thinking back, I remember how happy we were back then when we're finally able to celebrate his birthday in Jakarta for the first time together. We were not even officially a couple at that time. Well, going to be one soon =P

Anyway ... I just want to post some updates. My business law midterm was so satisfying. I got a really good score. Praise the Lord! A day after I passed my driving test, I got my California ID. Even though in our plan it was kinda late .. we've already registered our marriage in the county clerk without it ... but still I think this will make my driving license process much much faster. All is good in God's timing then =)

I got my first halloween experience yesterday. Now I know what is trick or treat =P It's kinda fun actually when little children in costume knocking your door for candy ... some of them were really cute! But I also met some grown ups and teenager last night ... I personally think they are too big to be in costume thus spoiling the cuteness of trick or treat =P

Halloween means fall is here ... and of all the seasons, I think fall is the prettiest. I remember when I was small, how amazed I was looking at fall foliage pictures. I never thought trees can change their colors. Now I've seen it with my own eyes. So amazingly beautiful. When walking around De Anza college, I often stop just for admiring those leaves which are lying in my pathway. I always want to take their pictures, but oh well ... somehow I always in a hurry from class to class and always forget to take pictures =P I'll promise to post them soon!

Happy November everyone! =)

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