Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picture Journal: Winter Break 2011 - part 3

-12/25/2012- Christmas service at GII San Jose, we had a Christmas photo session afterwards. 
First take without jacket =P
A more intimate pose 
 and then we went to Reno - Tahoe for 3 days

On the way to Tahoe
Although the weather was perfect for snow, there wasn't enough moisture in the air, so it wasn't snowing yet. The snow we saw were fake snow made by the resorts.

Arriving @ Northstar
In the bus, going to the Village @ Northstar
Unfortunately, we were too late for snowshoeing or tubing. The tickets were sold out! So we decided to go to South Lake Tahoe for some good pics.

The next day, while the others went snowboarding, me and my hubby went back to Northstar. We hoped we're not too late for snowshoeing or tubing this time. Yet again, the tickets were sold out! So we decided to wander around and enjoyed other activities that the village offered. 

Gondola ride
watching people snowboarding and skiing ... some of the fall every once in a while =P
Lunch : Grand Tostada Salad and Cheese Quesadia 
 That was my first time skating by the way. I fell a lot. Then on the last day, we visited downtown Reno for buffet @ Silver Legacy. 

Posing while the others were in line for the buffet :p
The entrance of the buffet place
The biggest little city in the world
  After holidays picture are coming~!


  1. serunya main snow...
    gua sampe sekarang belum kesempatan ke tempat yang bersalju nih. hahaha.

  2. haha sebenernya aku berasanya belom bener2 maen salju sih ko :p ga ngerasain hujan saljunya juga ... nanti pas liburan ke tahoe aja ko! :)