Monday, October 11, 2010

TB Test Result

When I woke up in the morning last Thursday, the first thing I did was checked my hand. To my utmost horror ...

It had became that big!

Gosh ... the final result from the nurse was positive with 14 mm bump. So whether I want it or not, I need to go and get a chest X-ray =(

PS : Btw, have I told you that this bump will stay for months? =( Oh, and it is starting to itch too ... =(

UPDATES: The bump disappeared after a month or so. There is no scar whatsoever on my hand. I heard that a lot of people who were born in Asia usually get a positive result. It is because they had TB Vaccination while they were little. Anyway, I did get my chest X-ray. There is nothing to worry, everything is good =)


  1. Mine look like that but doc said neg... I'm not born in Asia is he just bias? Mark has been there a month and a bit scaring now ... I'm in for a second test hope its neg too

  2. Hmm.. that's weird. Btw, I didn't know you can take TB test twice. When I did medical check for my permanent resident status, my civil surgeon told me to just get the chest Xray and skip the TB test. Good luck for your second test!

  3. hi..i had my ppd yesterday around 4pm. when i went to bed last night i just looked like a needle prick. but when i woke up this morning it's pink and oval in shape. it's slightly raised but it's not hard. and it's hard to tell by looking that it's raised, unless i run a finger through it. i hope it disappears tomorrow, my employment depends on it.

  4. that appears to be an allergic reaction to the ppd

  5. Hey...
    Do you know how much it will cost for a chest X-ray? I don't have any insurance and my hand is getting red and a little bit raising after one day..