Sunday, August 4, 2013


What is it with 15? Can you guess?

Well, I'm going to visit my parents in 15 more days =) I'm so thrilled and grateful at the same time. It's been almost four years since I got married and moved to the States. I've never been this far apart from my family ... and for such a long time. We are really close to each other, so it is really painful living away from home. 

I can hardly wait for the trip. We started planning sometime in May and my Mom has been counting days ever since =) I look forward to spending quality time with them. I am also super excited about all the Indonesian food that I'm gonna eat. I've been craving these food for a while: 

Kwetiaw Akiaw Mangga Besar (image from
Hokkian Noodle (image from makanmana)
Sate padang (image from AIS MIT website)
and much more! Seriously, Indonesia is a heaven for food lovers. Especially if you love spicy food. 

In addition to travelling back to Indonesia, me and my husband will also visit two exciting theme parks. One is in Singapore and another one is in Hong Kong =) We are going to have so much fun!


  1. klo jauh emang pulangnya bakal jarang2 ya ver. tapi justru ntar pas pulangnya bakal seneng banget jadi enjoy yaaa~

    1. Iya nih nge... udah hampir 4 taon ga pulang. Moga2 semua lancar deh jd bisa have fun :)

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