Monday, December 6, 2010

A weird night ..

Next week is my final week. I'm sooo stressed out. Seems like there are endless things to memorize and understand in order to passed the final test. I even don't know where to start ... business law? accounting? mandarin?

On Tuesday, my accounting team supposed to collect all our assigned team homework, but 2 of our members went missing. Fortunately, one appeared 30 mins after the class started. The other one was still missing up until now. We tried to email her, but there was no reply. So last tuesday, we were forced to divide up her share of homework. I got 2 exercises to do. And I still haven't done the summary for extra credit points in mandarin...

So, in my panic mode, i asked my husband if it's okay for me to miss my BS meeting this wednesday ... So instead i can spend the whole day lurking in barnes / borders near his office and study. I like to study there because there's usually no distraction - aka facebook - so i'm forced to focus on my studying and it's warm there. He definetely agreed with me. He even added, "off course, final is your primary concern." I feel bad though for missing the BS meeting. Especially because when i told my group leader, she insisted that i should come even though just for a while, and she would adjusted the meeting with my limited time frame.

Despite the uneasiness, yesterday i still went with him to his office. Spent half day at borders, had lunch, and then moved to barnes. He mentioned that He would have a meeting at 5, so i might have to wait longer at barnes. Besides, he said, you need more time to study. I was actually prefer to go home early ... but a meeting is a meeting, so I relented, he can have his meeting first.

By 5.30 something i guess, he called me and asked where I am. He said he was inside barnes already. This was so unusual - the first weird thing of the night. He usually just picks me up in front of barnes and drives home. Then he told me that his sister wants him to get food from one of our BS' members house. What a coincidence! I'm skipping BS and now his sister wants us to go to the BS meeting place? He showed me the message in his cellphone, and asked me to call my BS friend to get the address. I refused. I thought it would be better if He called her instead, pretended that I was not there with him. I felt really bad already at that time.

More bad news, my BS friend told him to go there no sooner than 7.30. Isn't it when we usually start our BS meeting? So there was a huge probability that we would bumped into one of my BS members in the parking lot. I was anxious, but seemed like i had no other option. My hubby offered to drive me to the Korean market nearby my friend's house because we're still too early. What a coincidence, i liked that place and i was wanting to go there but didn't have the opportunity yet. And then ... more weird thing happened. I felt like my husband was too nice that night =P Hey, don't get me wrong. He is usually nice, but that time .. it was much much nicer. As the saying goes, in general, if something is too good to be true then it's not true =P

So, in the back of my mind, there was some suspicion already. But i didn't have any idea what was the plan. When we arrived at the parking lot, what a coincidence (again) that I saw one of my BS members. I believed she saw me too. So i grumbled to my husband. Now, everyone would know that I was there with my husband but I didn't drop in to say hi. How am I supposed to drop in and say hi when I plan to skip the meeting? it was kinda awkward right? Everthing is soooo wrong that night.

My hubby offered me to wait in the car while he got the package. After a while, i saw two figures walking in the parking lot, my hubby and one of my bs friend. I sensed a trap =P Somehow i suddenly remembered a weird phone call from one of the bs members to my hubby not so long ago. She asked if i was there, and my honest hubby said I was there with him side by side. She hung up. Hmmm... are they planning something tonight?

Turned out, yes they were ... a celebration party for our civil marriage.

I was stunned. I never thought that they would make a celebration for our civil marriage. Oh, and i love the decoration. They did such a great job! All the colors there are my favorite color. Someone in the BS group is soo attentive... in such a limited time she already know roughly what i like and what i don't like. Amazing. I never thought someone could be that caring. Well actually, i never known a BS group to be that caring =)

One final surprise that night :

I got scrapbook materials from them! They know that I was wanting to buy some and start my first year marriage album project.

Thank you sisters~!

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