Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Quarter 2011

I was kinda reluctant to begin this new quarter ... a three weeks holiday was really not enough. That's why I'm so thankful to be able to visit LA and Las Vegas during the christmas holiday. At least we did something fun and memorable on the-really-short year end holiday. Anyway, so here I am, back at school.

This quarter I take three classes: Accounting 1B, Peachtree Accounting and English Writing 1A. All of the classes are interesting, but i worry for the english writing 1A. The instructor seems so fake to me. She's kind on the outside but i do really think she's just pretending to be kind. Well, hope I'm wrong... Anyway, no matter how hard I try, this time there'll be no A+ for the english class. The teacher said so in our class' first meeting. I am really hoping for an A ... but we'll see. Three out of class papers and one in class essay seems difficult, not to mention a numbers of journal to be made.

The peachtree class on the contrary is so laid back. On our first meeting, we gathered for just 20 mins in which the instructor explained her greensheet syllabus. After that, we're free to go. She even said since the textbook in the bookstore is much more expensive than the one in amazon, we could take our time and order the textbook online. We might not be able to hold our class anyway for the first two weeks of the quarter since the computers in the lab is not ready yet! Anyway she said we could start working from home and only come to class if we have question for her. To my surprise, she really meant all that. Yesterday on the second meeting, the class lasted only for 5 mins. She just asked if we have a question for her and explained once more that the lab's computer wasn't ready yet. After that, we were promptly dismissed.

The Accounting class is the only one that's not bad although I get a professor who give lecture in rhythm as if she is singing. She's really kind and I can see that she's trying all her best to make us understand and comfortable with her class. She is also appreciative. I heard that from all the accounting class i am about to take, the accounting 1B is the hardest one. So i guess it's a good thing i get her as my instructor.

Instead of two days a week, now I'm in school for four days a week. In a way, it's kinda tiring because I have to wake up early every morning and I don't have a "preparation" day anymore. Yet, it feels nice to come home early =)

So ... I guess I have to put on the hard work mode again ... hope this quarter's results will be as satisfying as the fall quarter's.


  1. eh ternyata lu ada blog ya... kok gak bilang2 ver? hehe

  2. ahaha kirain ko arman udah tau =D btw itu temen2 kantor aku yg dulu pada bikin blog juga ko arman, kata mereka gara2 terinspirasi blog ko arman loh! hehe

  3. hahaha semakin banyak yang ngeblog semakin seru, biar tambah rame!!! :)