Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Updates

 Some random photo updates:

Brazillian Cheese Bread

 This is my almost failed attempt of little teochew's Easy Brazillian Cheese Bread. It smells delicious though! I made this around early December last year.

prawn in tofu skin roll?
There is a dimsum to go store near our place called Taipan Dimsum. This is where I satisfy my sudden dimsum craving =P I've never tried this prawn roll before because i usually order their famous crispy shrimp ball. It turned out to be just okay. Based on my past dimsum experiences, this kind of roll usually filled with just seasoned shrimps ... so i was surprised to find greens, radish and shrimp filling inside of taipan's prawn roll. I think seasoned shrimps is still the best filling for this kind of roll.

Pork and thousand years egg
This is also one of the regular items that i order at Taipan. Pork and phitan egg porridge. I really like this porridge. Every time i feel like eating comfort food, this is what i buy. I've been eating this twice this week =P

 My husband bought this snack at ranch 99, milpitas, last week. It was on sale for less than 2 dollar per box i think .... and it is delicious! It has just the right amount of sweetness for my tongue. Would love to buy it again next time ...

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  1. gua juga suka banget ama lumpia udang kulit tahu goreng itu... :D