Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Challenge


Tomorrow I'll have a midterm for my Operation and Supply Chain management class. At first I thought this will be an easy test since we are allowed to bring one page "cheat sheet" on the test. However ... turns out the materials are humongous! 10 chapters plus numerous handouts! I just finished reading those ... took me a whole two days :( Now I'm confused because I have to choose from all those information which ones are important enough to be added to my cheat sheet. This is a really hard decision ... 

I wish I could fast forward tomorrow to this weekend. Next week I'll have a really easy breezy week. I will only have two 9-5 classes on Wednesday and Saturday. My husband actually re-scheduled our SF trip (we're going to the embassy but since we're already there ... why don't we enjoy the city?) to this coming Thursday.

Man ... i need a lot of prayer for this midterm... 


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