Friday, March 16, 2012

Thanks God It's Friday!

Woot woot .. friday is here!

Well, next week I'll have a big midterm covering 10+ chapters from our Operation and Supply Chain Management class... so maybe I'll spend this weekend studying. But still.. weekend is always good right? At least you have a change of feeling and there is also the excitement =) Me and my hubby actually have a lot to do this weekend. Not sure how I can manage to squeeze study time in between those activities. First of all I think we need to go to the Indonesian Embassy at SF to renew my hubby's passport. I also need to register myself there ... Before going to the embassy, we need to make a passport picture in Costco. Then we also need to return my sauce pan to Ikea... It's been more than a month since our last trip to Ikea. It's a good thing that they have a long return policy. Somewhere around 3 months if i'm not mistaken. I always enjoy going to Ikea. Anyway, all those places are relatively far from where we live right now. A trip to those places could easily take a day.

The pressure of this MBA program has been increasing steadily lately. First of all, we have more classes this semester. In total we have 7 classes. I'm done with 3 of them, so ... 4 more left. But one of those class spans to Summer semester. I'm so thankful to God, up until now, although it has been a really crazy journey, I'm still able to maintain a decent GPA. I also learned a lot... I thought I know a lot of things before, but now I realized that I didn't and there are still a lot to learn. I'm so grateful for this chance that God has given me. I know it is a privilege to be able to pursue a Master degree. Whenever I feel tired or desperate, those two thoughts encourage, sustain, and even strengthened me.

More pressure comes from job-searching. Since I will be graduating this August, as an international student it is better if I have a job already before I graduate because I need to plan ahead with all the paper works. I'm so anxious right now, because everyone tells me that it will be really hard to find a job in marketing or business if you're an international. I realized that my conversational English is not as good as my written I need to work hard on improving that. Especially since almost all job openings in Business asks for a good verbal and written English. In addition, I'm also not familiar with the U.S. hiring procedure, which is so different from what we have in Indonesia. Even the resume is different with our Indonesian CV. You know thinking about all this, sometimes I feel like I just want to fast forward to this summer. Of course provided that i already have a job =P Yeah ... as usual ... I will just do my best and let my God take care of the rest =)  

Anyway, it's Friday! Let's forget all that. Let's concentrate on the fact that we actually have a date night tonight at the Counter Burger at Santana Row. I'm looking forward to spend a stress-free evening with my hubby =D

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