Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pit stop!

I'm making a quick stop today from all of my daily MBA stuffs =P This week is not that bad actually, considering the past few months. I only have two finance quizzes and one write-up deadline. I know ... even on my not-so-busy week, something is due *rolling eyes*

Anyway, after a rather disappointing morning, I decided to have some fun ... again ... with picnic. So these are my prewedding pictures with one of the photography vendor. I had an awesome experience during my prewedding photo shoot with them. However, they disappoint me with their unprofessional attitude on my wedding day. Not to mention my frustration - after the wedding - chasing them from time to time in order to get my wedding albums done.        

These shots were taken at a small cafe in Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here's another one ...

I love the big red window :) They have a pretty good food too there. I don't remember what I had though... In addition, the cafe itself has a rather unique atmosphere and architecture style. I'm not sure if it is clearly shown in the first picture; the chandelier is made out of spoons and forks =D 

Anyway ... enough pit stop for me. My finance calculator is waiting patiently to be used =P LOL 

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