Friday, May 11, 2012

Not A Surprise

Hi everyone! =D

I'm finally enjoying my first break this year. I have around ten days break this month because some of my MBA peers are taking a value added activity in Germany. I figured out that I need break more than value, so I skipped this activity =p Btw, I'm writing this post from Hillsdale's Barnes and Noble. It's been a while since I was here. I think my last visit was last year before I started my MBA program.

There is a reason behind my visit to Hillsdale. I want to take a look at travel guide books! Two years ago, I found a travel book in this store, that helped me a lot in planning my trip to Disneyland. I do hope the other book (from the same publisher) can help me with my next trip.

Anyway, I know it might sounds weird why I'm suddenly planning a trip. The thing is, my MBA experience is about to end soon =) I will be graduating this August. I can thank God enough for all his guidance and support throughout this program. I know there is no way I could survive the program without his grace. Well, there are still 4 classes left before I finish this "race," I pray that God will sustain me until the end. 

This one year MBA program is a big deal for me... and for my husband. That is why he decided to give me a "not a surprise" gift. Well, it half a surprise actually. Or we can just call it an early surprise =) Initially, he wants to surprise me like last time when he suddenly appeared in front of my apartment in Texas on valentine day, but he is afraid that I will not like the arrangement. So this time He let me know earlier, so that I could help him with the planning and decision making. Btw, did i tell you that the trip will coincide with my birthday? =)

I'm already super excited about the trip. However, I can't just go on cloud nine yet. There are a lot that I need to accomplish within these 4 months. One of them is finding a job *sigh* Anyone know an open position in marketing for an MBA graduate? =)


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