Sunday, August 12, 2012

Proud MBA Wife :)


After one year full of weekend and late night meetings, papers, HBS cases, articles, and exams ... I finally got my Master's degree!

Actually, I was a little bit sad because my parents could not be there on that special day. However, I was surrounded by amazing friends on my graduation day. Together with my husband, they organized an awesome after-graduation party for me. I had a blast that day.

I feel so lucky. I have this one friend who came early in the morning to my place and helped me with my make-up. Then I have my bible study sisters attended the graduation ceremony in lieu of my family. They also helped my husband planning and organizing a cool pool party for me. I have another kind friend who ordered food for the party just because she can get discount on that particular restaurant that we want. On top of all that, they gave me thoughtful gifts! I really can't thank them enough.

lots of pretty flowers

wishes from friends

thoughtful gifts

After the morning make-up session

roses from my lovely husband :)
Ah, thinking about it ... I am truly beyond blessed!

PS: I also want to thank my dear husband. Thank you for accompanying me during those late-night meetings. Thank you for the late night tea. Thank you for helping me realizing this childhood dream. Thank you for your love, support, understanding, and encouragement all this time. I really can't thank you enough! I love you dear! 

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