Friday, December 21, 2012

We are 3!

Yesterday, we celebrated our third anniversary =) 

Time flies. I can still remember the excitement that I had on our wedding day. I was also super nervous. One of my biggest worry that day was to trip over my dress when I walked to the front of the reception room. Thankfully, that worry didn't turn into reality.

Fast forward three years, and here we are now. We've been through a lot these past three years. Both of us feel like we have been married for ages!! Not in a bad way though =)

We don't have any special plan celebrating our anniversary. We usually just go out and have dinner. This year we did the same thing. However, from year to year, the restaurants change. We choose restaurant mostly based on the food, and not the ambiance. I know ... both of us are somehow not that romantic =P To be honest, this time I was actually thinking of celebrating our anniversary in Texas Road House (which is a very casual steak house if you don't know, with blaring cowboy music and peanut skins on the ground). But my husband vetoed that down.

In the end, we went to Santana Row for dinner. We decided to eat at one of the Italian Restaurant. Yup, finally we're going for ambiance this year =P

It was almost a bad idea though. This time of the year, Santana Row is super crowded. We had to park a few blocks away and walk. To make it worse, we didn't make reservation. We went to two restaurants and the waiting time for a table of two at those restaurants were an hour and a half! Since we had to wait anyway, we finally agreed to try Maggiano's Little Italy.

Good thing the wait was worth it.

Please excuse the picture quality. It was kinda dark in that restaurant. 

We had a set menu for two people. So we got to chose one appetizer (or one flatbread or two side salads), two classic pasta entree, and a dessert to share. These were what we chose:

Stuffed Mushrooms for appetizer. Mushroom filled with spinach and breadcrumbs, served in garlic white wine sauce. Despite the look, this dish was amazing! I think this was my favorite for the night. 

My husband chose Fettuccine Alfredo, which was basically a plain pasta and cream sauce. He requested the Fettuccine to be changed into Linguine btw. It was just okay. My pasta was Taylor Street Baked Ziti as pictured above. The sauce was a mix of italian sausage, pomodoro, and cheese. 

Next came the dessert. We chose New York Style Cheesecake which comes with seasonal fruits. This time the fruit was blueberry. This was the highlight of our dinner for my husband. He loves the cheesecake. He even said that this was better than Cheesecake Factory's Ultimate Red Velvet. 

So, was it a romantic dinner? Hmm.. the ambiance was not as good as we think. Yes, the decoration was beautiful. The service was good. The food was okay, but the two people package was really worth it. However, it was too noisy and crowded for my taste =P

Still, we did have a good time together and that was the most important thing. 

I am truly grateful to God for sending this wonderful man into my life. He's not just a husband for me... he's my partner in life, my other half. It is a great comfort for me, knowing that whatever life might bring, I will face it together with him. I pray that our love for each other will continue to grow daily. I also pray that God will continue blessing our marriage so that we can be a blessing for others around us. 

Dear husband, cheers for more years ahead!!