Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Almost ... 40 Weeks Pregnant

Dear Baby,

Today we had our 39 weeks and 6 days check-up. Doctor said everything looks good. The swelling on mommy's feet is very minimal. Mommy's blood pressure is good too. But ... the cervix hasn't dilate yet :(

Your head is definitely lower than a week ago, but we need you to make more effort. Tomorrow was supposed to be your due date, but looking at the state of the cervix this afternoon, slim chance we are going to make it. It's ok if you don't make it exactly on the due date - only 5% of babies do. But please don't take too long even though mommy's belly is very comfy.

Doctor asked mommy and daddy to settle for a plan - since we can't let you stay longer than 42 weeks. As of now, we are scheduled to meet with the doctor again a week from now. If there is some small improvement but we are still going too slow, she will perform a membrane sweep to help kick start the labor. If that doesn't help, we are scheduled for an induction on June 19th. Mommy does not like both options. If it's possible, mommy wants the labor to start naturally without having to go through those two painful procedures.

You know, one of mommy's colleagues actually went through the membrane sweep procedure last February. She warned mommy not to do that. It was very painful for her, and she had a 32 hours long labor. Never in my mind I imagine that I would have to do the same procedure. Somehow mommy always believe you will come sooner than your due date...

Right now mommy is a bit worried. You are very active and moving normally, but mommy keeps on thinking about how the belly might not be big enough for you. If it's comfortable for you to be there. If the amniotic fluid is still enough. Every night before falling asleep, mommy wonders if this is going to be her last peaceful night before you come ... but on the other hand, mommy is also very anxious and can hardly wait to see you!

Do you know that your Grandma is here already? She is really looking forward to see you too!

Not to mention all the aunties and uncles that have been asking Mommy and Daddy about you!

Now, people have been giving a lot of advice for us. Mostly they are telling mommy to move and make herself busy - as if mommy hasn't done it this entire time :( Now mommy is determined to make herself VERY busy in order to help you find your way out. So baby... please please please come out soon.

We love you and really looking forward to see you!


  1. Ver.. Diajak ngomong aja baby nya sering2, mgkn ntar dia bakal semangat hehe. Btw induksinya yg pake balon itu ya? Katanya sakit, aku dl untungnya cuma induksi lewat infus, jd mgkn sakit bngtnya jg ngga sampe gimana tp sakit jg sih hehehe... Skrg bnyk istirahat dl, spy ntar fit pas harinya. Moga2 lancar & speed recovery ya ver. GBU

    1. iya gara2 dibilangin mau pake balon itu makanya sampe stress nge ... kirain mah cuma di infus doank. Well anyways :) lgsg mules abis makan nenas hahaha