Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Hardest Final

Fiuhh ... I finally finished the hardest class for this quarter, EWRT 1A. The final was an eight paragraph in-class essay about Toni Morrison's award winning novel, Sula.

The begin with, I'm a really slow writer. So i dread in-class essays. Moreover, this is quite a long essay so i need a really strong thesis. The problem is, to get a really good thesis, you need to spend time ... to think! But of course i don't have the luxury of time in an in-class essay =(

Anyway, i passed the deadly final already =P I'm not really sure about the result ... well at least i tried my best. So I'll just leave out the rest to God =) The good thing is ... somehow i managed to finish my essay exactly in 2 hours. This has never happened before. But i do admit that maybe my thesis is not strong enough ... because i kind of hurrying myself to start writing when i did the outline. O well ... there's nothing i can do to alter it anyway. I couldn't think of any other sophisticated idea back then when the time pressure was so tangible.

I kind of relieved right now. I know i still have one more final to go either on wednesday or friday, the most important thing is I've passed the hardest final. You know when i walked out from the class after I finished, i feel like a knot in my heart starts relaxing. I even feel sleepy after all the tension! I think this class is the hardest class I've ever took so far in the U.S. I got a really difficult to please instructor. Yet even though I got registered to this class by mistake, I believe nothing is coincidence in God's plan ... and i believe He purposely put me in her class to learn something for the future.

Oh well, that's it. I think I need a break now before starting to study for the accounting final ... it is time for some fun =D