Monday, March 21, 2011

Something Old and Something New

Last week, although i really really want to try hooters, we ended up having dinner at BBQ Kalbi truck. That day the korean taco truck was parking at some intersection in Mountain View. We decided to try the Kalbi (Beef) Burrito and Daejee (Spicy Pork) Burrito. My hubby loves his Daejee burrito. I love their sauces especially the sweet wasabi. The overall eating experience was not that enjoyable though. Somehow that night was cold and very windy. There was no line too. So at a time, we were the only customers eating there.

Anyway, we found out that the intersection where BBQ Kalbi parked was so close to the famous Castro Road. Incidentally, my hubby has been wanting to go to the used book store there. He didn't find the book that he wants, but ...  i found an old friend =) I found the complete edition of EA's Sims fully loaded with all its expansion packs! I played this game since i was in high school up until college. It's actually one of my siblings' favorite game. So that's how i spent my weekend ... trying to regain my old skill in playing the Sims =)

This week i will also have a new experience. For the first time, I will work in the U.S. It's just a part-time job at my college though. Still, I'm excited for this new experience! I'm also a bit nervous for the possibility of having to drive alone at night after i finished my shift. I still don't have confidence in my driving skill plus i rarely drive at night. My night vision is somehow very limited. Even worse, It has been raining cats and dogs lately in San Jose. So, I tried to practice driving at night in heavy rain last weekend with my hubby. It was really bad. I could feel my car swaying because of the strong wind in the highway and the slippery road. Also, most people still drive relatively fast in that kind of weather. No wonder there were some accidents happened during the last weekend. Anyway, I really really hope, it will not rain tonight. 

I checked the weather before i went to college this morning, and the weather forecast bode that it will not rain tonight. Let's just hope that the forecast is true!      

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