Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I just got back from my first U.S. camping trip. This trip is the highlight of my 2011 Spring Break. Happy? Yes. Tired? Of course! What i really really want to do right now is sleep...

Well, but first i need to look up for my schedule online and copy it. Or else I'll be clueless tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day of the new quarter in De Anza. It is also the rush week for bookstore. In addition to two classes, i'll have a long shift tomorrow up until 10 PM...gosh ...I'll be super tired.

But you know what ... when i look up for my schedule, right below the link there was this check my grades link. I checked this link several times last week but nothing was there. Somehow i was swept by intense curiosity at that time and i clicked it. Surprise~! The winter quarter grades were available!!

And God ... amazed me once again just now. That's why despite I'm feeling so tired right now, i feel the urge to write this down right away. I really don't want to forget the feeling. Thank you God for the very good grades! I feel like i'm not deserved to get all that grades...but who am I to judge? Thank you Lord! I know this is purely a blessing from you and not my own work. Please help me to be humble and never boast about this.

Gosh ... i feel like i'm going to burst because of gratefulness =)

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  1. congratzzz ya verooo..!! keep it up!! so proud of you, sis..:D Hope you do well this semester too.. GBU! Jia you..!!