Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Story

Uploading pics from last weekend =D It was quite a fun weekend. But it wasn't as interesting as this special weekend that we had in June or May (I don't remember exactly when). Basically on that special weekend, we did an impromptu BBQ. There is this grocery store called Fresh&Easy .. It's almost similar to Trader Joe's in nature since they sell organic foods and ready-made healthy entrees. Well, I particularly love this store because they have lots of marinated meats for grilling. On that special weekend we bought two racks of baby back ribs, salmon patties, and one of their BBQ set (which has italian sausages, marinated chickens, and beef patties).

My hubby grilling meats in office clothes :)

Turned out we bought too much food! Even more interesting, our total expense was something close to $25 ... Isn't it awesome? 

This is the beef burgers and salmon burgers ... both were equally good to me!

Ok, so back to our most recent not-so-interesting weekend =) On Friday night we had dinner at Santouka ... as usual my hubby had his shoyu ramen while I chose the spicy-bean based ramen. Oh, there was a special stall selling ramen in the grocery store ... I don't remember the name. It was a special event stall, I think, since it will only be there basically for the weekend. Maybe we should have tried that ramen instead ... Oh well. Anyway, we did take a peek at the ramen and it seemed that the broth was not as thick as Santouka's. Both I and my husband prefer thick broth ramen than the clear one. 

My spicy bean paste ramen

On Saturday, we felt that we want to eat out, but we didn't know where to go. We only knew for sure that we want something American. So... we've heard people talk about Main Street Burgers for a while ... and since we didn't have any other alternatives at hand, we decided to go to Downtown Los Gatos and tried them. They're not bad. I ordered the BBQ burger while my hubby ordered Mushroom and Swiss burger. Both of us liked what we ordered. Personally, the appearance of the Mushroom and Swiss burger was not as impressive as my BBQ burger. My BBQ burger was huge! In addition to cheese and beef patty, it also had onion rings, greens, and fried bacon!

BBQ Burger

We ordered garlic fries on the side. Unlike the burgers, the fries was just okay. I like The Counter's garlic parmesan fries better.

Garlic Fries

And then on Sunday, after church, I went to this nail salon to celebrate one of my BS friends' birthday. All of my friends got pedicure, but I opted for manicure instead. I got this french manicure! This is how it looks like after a day ... (after I washed dishes, drove, went shopping, and did a lot of other stuff). Manicure was a bad idea actually; the manicurist told me to do nothing for 30 mins in order to wait for my nails to dry perfectly. I didn't enjoy those 30 mins =P

French Manicure
After we got our pedicure and manicure, we went to Costco. I wasn't planning to buy anything in particular but this red bing cherries successfully tempted me. Well, I bought them also because I knew that this might be the last cherries that I could buy this year. The cherry season has almost ended. 

In general, I don't really like buying fruit (especially peaches or cherries) at Costco because I can't taste it. My ideal place for fruit shopping is actually Campbell Farmer's Market. However, last time we went there, we couldn't find anymore cherry. We saw these beautiful sunflowers instead!

So.. that's the short version of my weekend. How is yours? =)

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