Thursday, November 15, 2012

Through the Years

Another late post =P

There are tons of reason why I love November. I think I wrote about this in my November post last year... Hmm. Anyway, one of them is because this was the month when I first saw my "prince charming." And guess what, this is also his birth month!

I want to take a quick stroll down to my memory lane... A lot has happened since I first met him. My life changed upside down. Not that I complain =) 

First birthday together. I made his birthday cake, with the help of my Mom. I think he was quite surprised.

Later that day we celebrated his birthday at Grand Indonesia (a very pretty Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia). I remember the Mall was just opened back then. It instantly became the most "stylish" place to hang-out. 

Ah, back then I was so skinny *sigh* Anyway, I missed his 30th birthday because he was in the US while I was still in Jakarta. I somehow also do not have any picture of his 31st birthday :( But I think we celebrated it with friends. Maybe we combined the celebration with our civil ceremony... 

As you can see ... I'm getting fatter *sigh* Now I know, not all trip down on the memory lane is pleasing =P Move on with the birthday. This was his 32nd birthday celebration. We have just moved to our tiny little apartment.

It was another combined celebration. Birthday + House Warming. I got tons of help from friends in setting up the supposed-to-be-surprise celebration. Btw, that cute little girl is my niece =)

Another picture with friends... 

So, what did we do this year?

I was never good with planning surprises. So, we just had a normal birthday celebration. Dinner for the two of us at Gyukaku followed by celebration with close friends. 

I love the restaurant, and would love to come back there. We ordered tons of food, more than enough for the two of us actually. Well, lesson learned. Next time, we would only ordered dishes that we love like the garlic noodle, Harami skirt steak, and fatty toro =)

We have a lot of friends here who share the same birth week with my hubby. That means, combined birthday party :) One of our close friend has a birthday that is just three days apart from my hubby. 

Birthday celebrations are fun! 

Dear hubby,
As God adds another year in your life, I prayed that He will bless you with wisdom, health, success and happiness. Happy birthday dearest one!

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