Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Weekend in SF

Welcoming October! 

Last weekend we had a double date with our friends, Miss Kristani and her bf, at San Francisco. At first, we were worried that the traffic would be super bad since Oracle Open World 2012 was about to begin. Turned out we were wrong. To our relief, there wasn't much traffic that day. 

We departed from San Jose around 2.30PM. We took 280 North straight to Baker Beach. Unfortunately, the weather was unfriendly that day. It was cold and misty. We couldn't see Golden Gate from the beach since it was covered with mist. The only visible parts of the famous bridge were its feet, as you can see in this picture below.

Baker Beach
It was so cold that day. Plus, the wind was blowing pretty hard. We couldn't stay long in the beach. We decided to head to somewhere warmer - Japan Town. I always like visiting Japan Town. I haven't had the chance to visit during festivals tho'. 

Once arrived at Japan Town, we went straight to get snacks =) Our favorite snack place at Japan Town is Sophie's Crepe. We usually have the Nutella Banana crepe, but this time we wanted something different. We saw that they have new menu - sundaes. One sundae in particular, took our attention. It was called Royal Banana Sundae. Yes, we like banana =P Thinking about it, this kinda explains why I instantly fell in love with minions LOL

This is how it looked like...

Overall, it was not bad. The sundae was a combination of banana walnut gelato, sliced banana, whip cream  and chocolate sauce. Our favorite item in the sundae was the banana walnut gelato. It was divine! However, considering the price - which was around $5, the portion was small. Personally, we think it had too much whip cream too =P Anyway, next time, we will just get the banana walnut gelato.

Besides sundae, we also had other snacks. While waiting for restroom break, I spotted this small stall, called Kissako Tea, selling dango - a traditional Japanese snack. I read about dango several times on Manga ... and always wonder what it tastes like. The stall, located one floor below Sophie's Crepes, sold two kinds of dango: Kushi Dango and Mitarashi Dango. The latter was smaller in appearance and covered with sweet sticky sauce. 

The one that I bought, Kushi Dango, was bigger and looked like colorful mochi. There were 3 mochi in one stick. One stick was sold for $1.75

I actually kinda liked it. As you can see from the picture, the mochi was filled with red bean paste. Each mochi has different flavor. The green one smelled like Pandan Leaf. I will try the Mitarashi Dango on my next visit =D

For dinner, we want something different. We used to drive to SF just for King of Thai's duck fried rice. However, somehow the taste had changed. It wasn't the same killer duck fried rice that we craved. So we went to this other Thai restaurant, called Thai Cafe, to try their duck fried rice. Who knows, this could be our new favorite.

It wasn't. The duck fried rice was just OK. The Pad See Ew was actually better. To our surprise, the star of our dinner was the appetizer, fried calamari. The batter was crispy and savory. It was everyone's favorite (except my hubby who doesn't eat seafood). 

We were planning to go to Ghirardelli to hang out after dinner. But instead we went straight home after, since we were too full for dessert. Although the weather wasn't nice, overall it was a fun day filled with food =D     
I've been very busy job searching and interviewing for the last couple of weeks. It is quite exciting actually =) I am super excited about this next stage in my life!  

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