Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Midterm Week

As a human, I often forget how much blessings I've been given ... I often complain for things that I didn't have or didn't able to do. I was really sad at the beginning of this week but God reminded me that I have more than enough.

Remember my midterm? Last tuesday I had the hardest midterm this quarter, the business law midterm. I think I did ok though. I hope it was ok =P By the way, my prayer was answered. It was a multiple choice question test. 111 questions. I had to memorize a lot of latin term ... learn a lot about American court system and English court system ... but thanks God it's all over now. I've done my best.

I already got my two other midterms scores though. I think I did pretty well ... thanks God =) I only lose 2 points from 200 points total in Accounting and i got 92.5 in mandarin. Now i'm waiting (anxiously) for my business law score. Hopefully all is well.

Today i got one more blessing from God ... I passed my behind the wheel driving test. I actually didn't have any expectation for this test. For a week, i asked God to give me the best result. If He thinks i can drive safely, then let me pass my test ... But if not, it means i still need to learn to drive safely. I personally think I still need practice.. but turns out God give me a passing result. Who am I to question his decision? I believe in His judgment ... and I also know that no matter how bad my driving skill is, if God said I can drive, then He will drive with me and guard me against any danger. Once again, thank you Lord!

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