Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time Flies

Seems like school has just started but time really flies. Guess what ... two weeks from now I will have my midterm. I'm kinda nervous about the midterm. I just hope all my teachers will give a multiple choice question type on the midterm because for an ESL like me, it will be much easier than an essay question. I get really scared if I remember how many cases I need to memorize for the Business Law class...not to mention all the definitions for the law terms =(

Anyway, just when I'm starting to get busy with my study, some of our friends are going to Hawaii! I'm really jealous =( They're so lucky, they get a very good vacation ticket deal. But still .. according to my husband if we join the trip, we might end up spending more than $1000! That's such a big amount of money for us.

I guess, this is just not a right time for us. Even though the deal is really good. Moreover ... maybe next time there will be an even better deal. We never know right? =)  

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