Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Is There Color?

When I was finally able to sit comfortably infront of my computer last night, I was too tired for everything except facebook games =P Well, after spending almost 10 hours studying inside and outside class room, I was afraid my brain could explode due to overheat and overwork so I tried to make them relax with those games... anyway, during school days I'm usually too tired to do anything at night. Not just that, due to the morning rush, I usually forget to do devotion =(

BUT, last night somehow I had the desire to read bible and did quick devotion. I try not to miss daily devotion although I still can't devote a special time in my day for it. So back to last night... Even though I was almost ready to sleep, somehow God gave me the energy to asked my husband to hand me my bible. At first I didn't put much attention to the title of the article, which is "Why There Is Color?" and the first three paraghraphs that described the process of how tree leaf can turn yellowish during fall season, until my eyes stumped to this paragraph :

"But why do we have color? It seems to serve no practical purpose-at least none that scientist can discern. And why are there photo receptors in our eyes that enable us to see it?

I believe that God's goodness is the point of His creation. He is "good to all, and his tender mercies are over all His works" (Ps. 145:9). He colored the world for our childlike delight. He's like that, you know." - David Roper (credit to Our Daily Bread)

Somehow I was touched when I read that paragraph. It is true indeed. God is sooo good. He even put attention to this little detail that He knows would delight us. Isn't it right that sometimes even adults have some childlike delight? Well, I don't know about you, but for sure I do.

Wow, His love amazed me day by day. The span of His love and His care to our life is so incredible ... I can't think of a human who can love somebody as our God love us. Oh, and I don't think I can love God enough to thank Him for His love...

"teach me God, as I live my day, to love you more and more .... "

Beautiful isn't it? =)


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