Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TB Test

One of the things that I hate the most in life is shot / injection. I think, I have a phobia for needle =P This phobia started a long time ago, back in my early childhood. I got typhoid or abdominal fever when I was three or four... and back then, their healing method was still traditional. They had to monitor the virus inside of me daily. So they took my blood every other day. This lasted for almost a month. Can you imagine the horror of this? Especially for a three or four-year old girl? Ever since that incident, needle has become my big enemy.

Before I went to U.S. last year, I was forced to get an MMR shot. Oh, it was so scary. I remember I couldn't feel my knees soon after they gave me the shot. My knees became limp in such a short time! Anyway, after that injection the doctor gave me a note, like a proof for the injection. Through my agent, I sent that doctor's note to Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. When I transferred to De Anza College, TAMUCC didn't forward that doctor's note. Somehow they missed that one particular document. I tried to contact them, asking for the document, but they ping pong me to different offices and divisions. I got tired and decided to use another way. I asked my Mom to contact the doctor, but somehow the doctor said he also missed my record! Gosh ... seems like there is no other way for me beside to repeat the injection.

So here i am, confronting my biggest fear.

This morning when I arrived at De Anza, I could feel my knee started to waver *haha* but I kept on walking straight to the health department. Turned out they had a registration tent outside the building. I registered for the TB testing (other than the MMR shot, they also require me to take the TB testing. I have to get the TB testing first before MMR because MMR can affect TB testing's outcome). After briefly answering questions in the registration paper, someone checked me in and sent me to the nurse's ward. Inside, there were 5 to 6 nurses, all ready with their needle. All of them greeted me cheerfully. After a short unspoken discussion (well, all of them was just staring at each other), one nurse in the back corner, named Nicole, waved and asked me to sit next to her.

Sitting uncomfortably there, I opened my jacket and bared my naked arm into the table. However, before I did that, I told Nicole that I was there for a TB testing, I've never had any TB testing before in my life, I've never been X-rayed, and I didn't have any shot in the last four weeks period. Additionally, I told her that I got an MMR shot last year (I know it's not important but I just want her to know =P). Oh, most importantly, I told her I'm afraid of needle! *hahaha*

She said I don't have to worry, the injection will just be skin deep. She didn't know that it still means the same for me. An injection is an injection.  Anyway, She said I could look at her, if it could calm me down, or just look at the exit sign. She also said that she will not surprise me, right before she poked the needle she will let me know. She asked me not to move when she did that, because it would hurt both of us. Basically all her instruction were not helping, I was still as anxious as ever. But I bore in mind that I couldn't move. It will be fatal (for me). Besides, I don't want to repeat the TB testing =P

And .... it was done. It was kinda fast actually =P After that, I looked at my left arm closely and there was a little red bump as if it was just got bitten by bug. However, before long it started to drip blood. So the nurse gave me cotton to dab the blood. She said it's okay to wipe the blood gently but I should not push it too hard.

An hour later ... it looked uglier. Somehow, I noticed that it had turned bluish. Moreover, the bump was no longer there. I thought this was good, maybe the result could be negative since I didn't have any bump. But just now I met some friends, and one of them said it might be the contrary. It shouldn't normally turned bluish like mine ... so I might ended up with positive result =( Oh, and they said it might become a bigger bump than before tomorrow =(

i just hope that it won't be a scar =(

Btw, this is what it looks like now :



  1. udah kok del .. emang update-an apa ya? yg test ini kan ya?

  2. you should look up the book or find the video for the Gerson Miracle. I think you would find it helpful.