Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Newborn Favorite Purchases

Just want to share with you a few of my favorite purchases so far as we are waiting for our baby girl. Hopefully if you are also preparing for your newborn baby, this list could help you decide on brands or product that you might end up buying :)

  1. Aden+Anais organic swaddle in collaboration with the honest company. Quite a few of my coworker are actually expecting around the same time with me. My senior manager gave birth earlier this year and she has been a source of information for me as well as the other new moms in our office. She shared how swaddling really help soothe a fuzzy baby and highly recommended this muslin swaddles. Additionally, I've read and heard so many good review about Aden+Anais muslin swaddle online. I first saw this pack of organic swaddles on Zulily during a promotion back at March but I passed because I still wasn't sure if I want the organic kind. I soon regret that decision because it was super hard to find a good discount for this product anywhere else. Finally I decided to just purchase my first pack from Nordstrom at full price. As soon as I washed it, I knew I would need to buy another pack. The Aden+Anais swaddles are so soft, it's hard to imagine swaddling my baby with other swaddles. Not to mention the patterns are so darn cute! Luckily, a few weeks after, my friend told me there was a promotion going on honest website. $20 off from a $50 purchase or $40 off from a $100 purchase. So in addition to stocking honest diapers and wipes (I'm super curious about the product and really want to try), I bought my second pack of swaddles :) Seems like it is currently out of stock on honest website, but keep on checking! 
  2. GAP baby's ballet bunny slippers. We were at the mall looking for cute baby stuff to be used as a photo prop since we would have our pregnancy photo sessions the next day, when we spotted this pair of super cute shoes. Unfortunately, there was no price tag anywhere. We looked around the store trying to find similar item, but seemed like this was the only one left. Since I really want it, hubby said it was okay to just purchased it. Other baby shoes were sold for around $20, so that's the number we had in mind. To our surprise - they have a promotion running and the bunny shoes were just $7! It really made my day. 
  3. Burt Bees organic onesies - as pictured above along with the bunny slippers. My close friend actually found a few burt bees items were on sale at Marshalls. She bought me two sets of organic onesies, each for only $3.99! I ended up scouring TJ Maxx and Marshalls around my area to buy more of these organic onesies since it was such a great deal for organic clothing. I can't find similar style online, but these look cute too!
  4. Babyletto Hudson Crib in gray and white combination. I read a review somewhere about this crib and it mentioned how the crib's height is good for petite women. I researched more about the company and really like the fact that they use eco friendly and non toxic material. Plus, the crib has a sleek modern design that hubby and I really like. We ended up purchasing the crib through BuyBuyBaby and actually got a 20% off plus free shipping :) The other bonus - according to hubby it wasn't hard to assemble at all. The only downside I would say, we had to wait for more than a month to get the product because this particular color combination is popular and the product was back-ordered. 
  5. H&M conscious collection side-opening onesies. So ... I'm actually pretty worried about dressing my newborn baby, especially before the umbilical cord stump fall off. I also don't like the fact that we have to slide normal onesies through the baby's head. I imagined it should be much easier to just have a side opening onesies. I was thrilled to find these organics onesies from H&M. They come in pastel colors which I adore too! 

So those are my favorite purchases so far. Please share if you have a list of favorite items for newborn too!


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