Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our First Pregnancy Appointment

We waited for another 3.5 weeks before we could meet with my OB and truly confirmed the pregnancy. It was the longest 3.5 weeks ever in my life!

Have you ever heard about how your mom pregnancy experience might affect yours? Well, actually I heard both ways - some people believe it might, some people don't. In my case, it doesn't - at all. I'm actually super scared of getting pregnant because my mom had very difficult pregnancies for the three of us. She told me how she had severe morning sickness and had to stay in bed up to 6 months when she carried us girls and 4 months when she carried my brother. However, I did notice some physical changes.

The most apparent change was with my energy level. I noticed how I got sleepy all the time. My husband and I carpooled together to work everyday. During those weeks, I usually sleep on our way home. Once we're home, I found it so hard to do normal activities, all I wanted was to lie on the sofa and sleep. I did not really experience morning sickness until around week 6 or 7. Looking back, I think my morning sickness was pretty light. I had the expected urge to throw up every time I brush my teeth and queasiness in my tummy throughout the day. I also experienced a heightened sense of smell ... I hated strong perfume and the smell of food. But thank God I was still able to work.

After what seemed like forever, October 28th came along. Hubby picked me up from my office and we went together to Kaiser Mountain View. We were told that in this first appointment, the doctor would perform an ultrasound to check whether or not the embryo is developing as it should and find out our expected due date.

As soon as the doctor prepared the ultrasound machine, hubby was ready with his iPhone. He wanted to take video of our first USG. But, to his surprise, the doctor actually told him to wait until she confirmed that there is a baby in my uterus. I know she didn't mean any harm, but still my heart sank to my knees. When she finally said, "I'm seeing one healthy embryo here - see you can see the heart beating fast and strong," my tears started falling down. I was so relieved! All this time while waiting for the appointment, I noticed changes in my body but I really want to be sure that the baby is growing healthy inside of me.

Then my husband ask, "are you sure there are no other embryo? Not a twin?"

*LOL* He really wants a twin.

But nope, the doctor confirmed that she could only see one embryo. Then she measured the embryo and told us our due date - June 9th 2016. A summer baby!

Here's how the baby looks like at our first USG:

Other than doing the ultrasound, we were given tons of pregnancy related information during that first visit, including nutritional guide (what food to eat and what food to avoid) and the dreaded California Prenatal Screening Program. I'll talk more about this screening program and how I feel about it in another post.

One more picture of the happy mommy and daddy to be:

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