Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Confirmation

The next day was Saturday.

When we woke up, the first thing we did was trying another test pack. I was curious to find out if a different brand of test pack will give me a different result. But nope, it was still a clear positive. So off we go to Kaiser Santa Clara to get the blood work done.

We came pretty early in the morning but we found out early morning on the weekend was actually the worst time to go to that lab. It was jam-packed. We took a number, waited for a while before we were called by administration, and waited some more before our number was called by the system to line up in front of the lab. All those time, my brain was busy entertaining all the "what if?" questions.

I actually did a bit more research online about the possibility of getting a "false positive" test pack result, and became a little bit worried. As I mentioned in the last post, for the test pack to show positive result, it needs to detect enough hCG hormone (the pregnancy hormone) in my urine. And usually you don't have a high level of hCG hormone until you miss your period for that specific cycle (I did my test 4 days before the start date of my expected period that month). However, hCG hormone level could develop a bit faster because of different reasons such as (but not limited to):
1) You're carrying a twin
2) You're on fertility treatment
3) You're having an ectopic pregnancy

I'm not on a fertility treatment - so the 2nd cause is ruled out. Twin ... is a different case. My maternal grandmother is an identical twin and she gave birth to a twin who died when they were still infants. We do have a family history for twin. The last cause was the one that made me worried the most. Read more about ectopic pregnancy here: http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/pregnancy-ectopic-pregnancy

Anyway, after we got the lab work done, we went to a Korean bakery and coffee shop nearby to wait for the result. Usually I just need to wait for an hour or two and then my Kaiser app will show update for the test result. But an hour passed by, and still there was no update. My best friend called and asked us to meet for lunch together somewhere in Santa Clara. It was still pretty early for lunch and we're already in the area, so I asked my hubby to drop by at the nearby bookstore to kill time. But we ended up purchasing this:

So maybe I have a feeling that I'm pregnant after all :) This is basically our first baby-related purchase.

After lunch, I checked my app again and still there were no update. My friend and her hubby were also curious so we decided to go to a bubble tea place to just hang out and wait some more for any news. I remember checking that app every 30 minutes or so, but there was nothing.

Around 4PM, we decided to call it a day and headed home. On our way home though, I received a call from Kaiser! I was so nervous so I didn't catch the entire conversation - the only thing I heard was the blood test result shows that I'm pregnant. Soon after I got an email from my OB and she confirmed the previous phone call from the lab, and told me to schedule our first pregnancy appointment when I'm 7 or 8 weeks pregnant.

Both hubby and I were having mixed emotions. Of course we were very happy, but we never expected this to happen really soon so. We're also super worried, we started thinking about all things that we need to do to make sure everything is ready for the baby. Above all though, we were so grateful to God for his amazing gift to our family.

That night, we took our first "bump" picture although there's nothing to see yet *lol*

Coming next ... story about our first doctor appointment :)


  1. seru ya.. the journey began! :D

  2. haha iya seru ko Arman, pake deg2an along the way :)

  3. selamat sekali lagi ya ver....udah bentar lagi kan ya klo ga salah... hrs segera diposting sebelum lupa hehe

    1. Thank you Nge :) Iya nih, skrg baru ada waktu ngeblog jadi sebelom baby keluar buru-buru ditulis dulu biar ga lupa experiencenya