Monday, May 23, 2016

Parisian-themed Baby Shower

Sharing a lighter pregnancy post today :)

Back in April, our friends throw us a "half" surprise baby shower. Why half surprise? I kinda knew they were planning a baby shower because one friend asked for my input especially regarding who to invite. She also asked me about the settings of the baby shower - whether I want it to be a formal sitting lunch / dinner with the girls or a casual one with couples. But that's the extend of my knowledge about the shower, she is very quiet about the rest of the detail. So a few weeks passed and there were nothing =P

A day before the baby shower, turned out somebody accidentally asked my husband whether husbands are welcome to join the event. So he knew when exactly is the baby shower! But he kept the secret from me.

The next day was Sunday. As I was getting dressed to go to the Church, hubby asked me if I want to wear a dress instead. I told him no, because according to the weather forecast, it was going to be pretty windy that day. It was actually kinda funny because he insisted that I changed into something nicer ... he was saying things like, "you know - the shower could be anytime now, don't you want to look nice if turns out the shower is today?" I was getting a bit suspicious, but never crossed my mind that he actually did know that the shower was that day. I thought he was just speculating.

After church, we had a plan to meet with one friend to setup infant car seat in our new baby car :) The weirdness continued though, because this one friend suddenly said she can't meet us for lunch, and asked us to come to her place at 4PM instead. I looked around the church for our other friends, wondering if they have a different lunch plan and if we can join them. But everybody seemed to vanish into thin air as soon as the service concluded.

It was almost 4PM and we were still doing some shopping at a Target nearby where my friend live. She sent me a message on WhatsApp asking where I was and if I was already en route to their place. My suspicion was getting stronger. When we arrived, she messaged me and told me to meet her and her baby at the pool near her condo's club house. While parking, I noticed a few familiar heads peeked from inside the closed and seemingly empty club house. AHA!

I was instantly in love with the theme they picked and the decoration.

Baby bump at 33 weeks :)

We played baby shower games - guessing baby food and drinking milk competition from baby bottle with level 1 nipple. We had so much fun!

Opening presents for our baby girls:

And ... group picture with all our dearest friends:

Very thankful for having such a great friends here in the US. We were far from our family in Indonesia, but never lacking supports because we have them :)

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