Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Discovery

Last summer we went on our first Europe trip. We visited three countries - France, Switzerland, and Italy. We have decided to stop any "prevention" during the trip, but thank God I didn't get pregnant there at Europe because I ate so many cold cuts (deli meats) and other foods that are bad for babies. It was a fun trip but also super exhausting.

Some random pictures from the trip:

Our first dinner at Venice - Bancogiro

Selfie with the Iron Lady of Paris :)
Beautiful Luzern

When we were back, I was so stressed out at work trying to keep myself up to date after traveling for 20 plus days. We also still had some summer projects that have been extended until September. Additionally, a new career path opened up and I had to make a hard decision on where I want to grow more in my career. One night, I started having menstrual-like cramping at night. It was pretty bad actually. The pain literally woke me up from my sleep. This happened for 2-3 days straight. The funny thing was, my menstrual period was not due until another week ... Initially, I blamed the stress level at work. Maybe it messed up with my hormonal cycle.

I took a sick day from work after not getting enough sleep for 2-3 days straight. The next day when I'm back, my coworker asked what happened and I told her about my mysterious cramping sessions at night that keep me awake. She smiled and told me to buy a test pack. I remember when I heard that, I looked at her as if she was joking. Never crossed on my mind that I might be pregnant this soon. I spent the entire day actually mulling over this idea ... and that night on my way back from work, I asked my hubby to stop by at Safeway to buy a test pack. I thought there's no harm in checking.

The next morning, we studied the test pack packaging and learned that the accuracy level will be very low if I'm still far away from my expected period date on that month. Still ... curiousity made us try. Lo and behold!

First positive test pack result - Friday, October 2nd, 2015 

Both of us were in disbelief. Not that we were not happy. We just weren't sure if this was happening this soon. Plus, there were still question about the accuracy of test pack if used before the expected period due date.

I called my closest friend and she told me usually test pack is not accurate if it's showing you a negative result instead of positive. It's actually quite hard to get a 'false' positive from a test pack. I googled similar query online, and found similar answers. Basically I need to have enough hCG hormone in order for the test pack to show positive result - which seems to be the case.

Hubby were still in disbelief, he wanted a confirmation. So I emailed my OB and asked if we can get a blood test to confirm that I'm really pregnant. My OB kindly sent a request to the lab on the same day, so we could come tomorrow to any lab and get the blood work done.

To be continued ... :)


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